Adrian Burton of South East Workwear runs the popular AskAdy site, which hosts independent reviews of workwear garments. Now Ady is sharing his expert opinions with the readers of Images. Here he reviews Premier Clothing’s range of shirts for the hospitality sector

I thought for this review I would do something a little different: instead of looking at industrial workwear I’m focusing on front of house clothing.

If you haven’t already seen the amazing range of shirts and blouses from Premier Clothing, then you are in for a treat. These guys have arguably the most comprehensive colour collections on the market; in fact, I don’t think I have ever come across so many colour and style options from one brand. There are few manufacturers out there that offer clothing that has Pantone-matched fabrics, yet I get asked for this a lot.

The range of styles and fabrics are extensive and you can usually find a full set of short- and long-sleeve shirts and accompanying women’s blouses. Their Poplin range of shirts and blouses comes in 30 different colours and in an easy-care material that requires minimal ironing – ideal for the hospitality industry.

All of these shirts are perfect for decorating with a client’s logo; however, I would recommend using a thicker backing on the poplin shirts when embroidering due to the weight of the material and the need for some stability.

For something different, opt for the 100% Jeans Stitch Denim Shirt – it looks awesome with its contrast stitching and, again, it’s perfect for the hospitality industry – while the Microcheck Gingham Shirt along with soft collar styling offers a more casual approach to workwear. Both of these will work in a modern working environment and will enable you to offer something new and exciting to help you win that work.

Herock Dagan trousers

The Men’s Long Sleeve Microcheck Gingham Shirt from Premier Clothing

Adrian Burton of South East Workwear runs the extremely popular AskAdy site, which hosts independent reviews of workwear garments. He’s one of the first people to be sent new products launching both in the UK and across Europe.