Independent workwear reviews by Adrian Burton of South East Workwear

Summer is here – it’s time for shirts and shorts at work!

I love this new addition to the Dickies EveryDay 24/7 range: The Two Tone T-shirt (SH2007). It’s a great product that when combined with the other items in the range gives your company a bespoke uniform at an off-the-shelf price.

It’s made in a really soft 100% cotton material. The finish is good: the stitching’s tidy and parallel and it’s well trimmed – some of the cheaper T-shirts that are available at the moment, the cheap ones, are not finished nearly as well. I’d be more than happy wearing it with a logo on it.

The 11 different colourways will suit pretty much most companies’ colour themes. Add a printed or embroidered company logo to this garment and you’ll be certain to stand out from the crowd.

I especially like the fact that you can mix and match the colours, as well as styles: The 24/7 range isn’t limited to T-shirts; it also includes polo shirts, trousers, shorts and jackets to match.

Herock Dagan trousers

Dickies Two-Tone T-shirt

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