Ascot Promotions in Berkshire has created a range of embroidered rainbow garments and tote bags to help raise money for the NHS.

Joe Tickner, manager of Ascot Promotions, said: “My wife is a nurse for the NHS, and is currently working on the frontline of this pandemic on an intensive care ward.

“When the NHS adopted the image of a rainbow as their national symbol, she asked me if I could embroider this onto a sweatshirt for her.

“She posted a photo on her Instagram, and was bombarded with messages from friends and colleagues, asking how they could buy one! She then realised that this could be a great opportunity to do our bit for the NHS.

“We created a shop on our website and added a range of products, including sweatshirts, T-shirts, hoodies and a tote bag.

“Initially, it was just immediate friends, family and colleagues who purchased, but word has obviously spread, as we’re now receiving orders from people all over the country!”

The company has been embroidering its rainbow range products on a Tajima TMBP-SC1501 single-head embroidery machine using Kingstar Polyester embroidery thread.

They’ve been decorating Asquith & Fox’s Organic Sweatshirts (AQ078/AQ079) and Westford Mill’s Organic Tote Bag (WM821), as well as the Hoodie (SX005), Ringer T-shirt (SX065), and T-shirts (SX001/SX068) from Stanley/Stella.

“To date, we’ve sold about 50 tote bags and about 100 sweatshirts and T-shirts, and 100% of the profits raised will be donated to the NHS,” explained Joe.

“All items are made to order, so that we can minimise wasted stock and ultimately raise as much money as possible for the NHS. The feedback has been very positive!”