AS Colour opened its first UK retail store in Shoreditch, London, on the 9 August 2019. 

All retail products sold in the store are identical to the wholesale range, with the store doubling as a London showroom where decorators can send potential customers to view the range and see the products at full RRP prices at any time. “With prior notice, imprint customers can also arrange bespoke visits for themselves or their clients, where the manager will take time to show and explain the range,” said AS Colour.

The address of the new shop is 50 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP. The trendy Shoreditch area of London was chosen because it fits well with the brand’s identity, said AS Colour, as it is populated by the “18-35 demographic, hipster – ie people who eschew traditional mainstream brands and are independent of thought”.

The fit out is identical to the brand’s 17 Australian and New Zealand shops and is managed by an experienced store manager who relocated from New Zealand. Work started on the 7,000 sq m site in April.