Virus explains how to add flock to your prints, and pounds to your bottom line

The addition of flock can elevate a design from humdrum to show-stopping. It‘s a skill that’s worth mastering, especially when printing for the fashion and streetwear brands as the variation of texture not only grabs attention, but also boosts the decorated garment‘s perceived value in the eyes of the customer, allowing a price premium to be applied.

Ink manufacturer Virus has created a step-by-step process using its Hydra Transfoil Adhesive E for those wishing to try this technique. Designed and developed in the Virus Labs, the product and process can be used to apply both flock and foil to fabric and garments and is said by the company to achieve “elasticity, softness, washing resistance and brightness”. Virus continues: “This simple technique will allow you to offer an extra service to your screen print customers with minimal effort and maximum return.”


1. Use a 32.70 mesh/cm screen with a tension of 25-30 newtons.

2. Apply the emulsion coating: two coats inside and two outside, then one more inside. Cure the coating at 40°C with the printing side facing up.

3. Mix 95% Transfoil Adhesive E with 5% special fixer for increased washing resistance.

4. Use a 65/90/65 squeegee with a printing angle of 25°.

5. Use average pressure to deposit the correct amount of product; the squeegee blade mustn‘t bend.

6. To polymerise the adhesive, put it in the dryer for two minutes at 180°C.

7. Apply the flock and heat press it for 15 seconds at 150°C and 3 bar.

8. Reveal the final image using either hot or cold peeling.

9. The finished print.