[Image courtesy of Marco Verch Professional Photographer via Flickr here]

The FOMO is real with this new app: Clubhouse is an invite-only, audio-only platform for people to chat

And what makes it so special is that you can be in a ‘room’ with celebrities, authors and industry experts, and ask them a question that the rest of the room can hear!

You join the room (which feels like you have stepped into someone else’s Zoom call) and can either just be part of the audience or the panel might open the discussion up to everyone. You put your hand up and wait to be called upon – it is pretty scary if there are hundreds or thousands of people in the chat though – you’ll need to be eloquent.

The power of the app is that you can build a following extremely quickly. I have only dipped my toe in so far, but will be focusing on it and creating rooms in the next few weeks. Over the past year, nearly every trade show and event has been cancelled because of the pandemic – now Clubhouse has created an exciting platform where people can be curious and showcase whatever they want.

The biggest threat to businesses in 2021 is obscurity. We no longer hold the ‘20 years in business’ heritage badge in such high regard and anything that enables you to be part of the discussion should be capitalised on. So, if your business needs a free way in which to engage, discuss, promote and gain global influence, you need to figure out how you will get your own Clubhouse invite!

Once you get in (you need to find someone who has a spare invite or join the waiting list on the app; also, it is currently iPhone only) pop over to my
page and follow us for chats around screen printing @squeegeeandink. If you have a particular topic you would like to host with me or if you want to be a part of the panel, please let me know.

I am certain this is going to replace a lot of podcasts and expensive courses and events–make sure you are in the Club and not left out of the after-party.

Chessie Rosier-Parker is director and studio manager of Squeegee & Ink, a screen printing and embroidery studio that also provides pre-exposed screens and film to printers along with tutorial videos and resources.