Platypus was founded by Maxine Abbott and Sarah Esau with the intention of offering clothes and accessories that stood out against “boring black and white fashion”

Specialists in hand-dyed and custom pieces, the pair met manufacturer Stanley/Stella at a trade show and were commissioned by the company to make a couple of pieces to promote its Cruiser hoodie.

“We were inspired by 60s protest graphics for both designs and created a retro aesthetic,” Maxine and Sarah explain. “We wanted to highlight important causes through this work, such as the ‘Love your mother’ graphic, which is about how we have to actively improve our relationship with the environment. ‘Break free, be happy’ is simply about body positivity, accepting yourself and letting go of your insecurities.

“’Love your mother’ is a simple tie dye spiral, and ‘Break free, be happy’ is made using the ice dye technique, melting dye into the fabric using ice. We really enjoy the dyeing process as you never quite know how a garment will turn out, and that suits our work perfectly.

“We gave the designs and garments to Ian [Widdowson] at Premier Embroidery to work his magic and he did a fantastic job as always. Adding embroidery to a piece really brings a design to life and makes a luxury piece.”

The design was created on Stanley/Stella’s Cruiser hoodie

For more details on how Platypus and Premier Embroidery created the embroidered hoodies, and the equipment and techniques they used, visit our November 2020 issue