Darren Sedge of Squeezed Orange explains how this standout – in more ways than one – embroidery was created for SlammedUK

SlammedUK, an automotive-based accessories and streetwear brand, whose merchandise is designed, manufactured and sold in the UK through its website (www.slammeduk.co.uk) and specialist pop-up shops, commissioned Squeezed Orange to decorate a hoodie with a multicoloured 3D embroidery of its logo.

Squeezed Orange’s director Darren Sedge explains how the Essex-based print and embroidery shop approached the job and how it ensured the sharp-edged 3D embroidery was as ‘clean’ as possible.


For more details on how Squeezed Orange created the 3D embroidery, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our May 2021 issue here