This colourful design was created by Sigh Luxton and printed at Black Dog Ink in Port Macquarie, Australia. Head printer Chris Merrell breaks down the process behind the company’s first multi-coloured print on its new M&R Chameleon press

The Illustration was a custom design by our good friend and incredible artist, Sigh Luxton.

He is amazingly talented and the king of the barbecue merch scene – not only here in Australia, but his designs have popped up in the US and NZ as well!

Sigh was approached by Adriano from BRZ Food to come up with a custom design for his brand.

The brief from Adriano was simply, “Ask people about me and surprise me!”

After some crazy stalking, Sigh pulled together all of the elements that represent the biggest smile in BBQ and his passion for his family and good food.

We’ve worked with Sigh for years; it’s a fun process deconstructing his designs and watching them rebuild layer by layer, slowly coming back to life as a custom tee.

The design was printed on our favourite and go-to blank from AS Colour, the Staple Tee in black, says Chris

For more details on how Black Dog Ink created the multi-coloured print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our June 2021 issue here