This clever half-and-half T-shirt by TOTShirts combines a direct-to-garment print with a screen print to demonstrate the benefits of both to customers

This T-shirt is number two of the 16 shirts included in the introduction pack from TOTShirts, explains the head of sales, Lauren Joyce.

“We designed this T-shirt to show traditional simulated process screen printing side by side with the more modern digital process.

“This allows us to guide customers to deciding which print technique is right for their product.”

It is very unusual to use both techniques together as you can normally achieve the end result with either process, but both have attributes that may sway the decision of which one to use on each occasion.”

The initial set-up cost for screen printing means smaller runs with large colour counts are not as cost-effective as when using a digital process. The set-up for screen printing, however, becomes negligible on larger runs.

Each black T-shirt had a back neck print and was embroidered with its edition number on the arm

“Customers have been known to print large runs in screen print and then swap to direct-to-garment (DTG) when they want small top-ups. The overall look of the final prints, although not an exact match, is similar enough to be able to mix and match.

“This one was particularly challenging as we spent a long time matching the Pantone colours [used in the screen print] to those that had been produced from the CMYK [digital ink].”

For more details on how TOTShirts created the T-shirt, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our September 2022 issue here