Achieving the different textures and shades of this print by Random Generator required careful planning and a willingness to take risks

Tim Petrohilos of Random Generator Printing is known for his experimental approach to printing, resulting in unique pieces that demand your attention. 

This puff print for clothing brand Soapland Worldwide is no exception, with Tim using varying amounts of a high-rise additive to create a textured take on the brand’s logo.

“Sometimes you’re not sure how things might work until you do them in practice,” he says.

“The main issue I foresaw was the layers rising unevenly and pushing each others’ boundary; however, after discussing the possibilities with the client, he was happy to see what the final result would be, and this was one of those great times when everything went smoothly without any issues.”

The response to the tees has been great, Tim reports, and has generated lots of requests for puff printing.

The puff-ink design was printed onto Heavyweight T-shirts from American brand Pro Club

For more details on how Random Generator created the puff print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our September 2021 issue here