This re-imagining of the cover of a 1954 horror magazine called Chamber of Chills, created by Marcus Davis, uses embroidery, glow-in-the-dark vinyl… and marker pens

Marcus Davis of The Thread Gallery in Pfafftown, North Carolina, US, originally developed this mixed media piece using just embroidery and Copic marker pens. He then thought about adding some ‘glow’ through an appliqué process.

“Once I discovered the Stahls’ Glow heat transfer vinyl, I knew I had to try and combine this material with my embroidery file to give it an extra level of creepiness,” he explains.

Embroidery is a “fantastic medium”, reports Marcus, as it can add dimension and depth to an image, but combining it with a material such as the Cad-Cut Glow vinyl makes it almost an interactive piece. 

“When the lights are dimmed, or even if a shadow is cast on the image, it takes on a whole new level of interest with the glowing letters. With a full charge, the Glow vinyl will shine for several hours.

“I’m extremely pleased with this first attempt at this combination of materials and now have several other projects in mind to try this again.”

Chamber of Chills black and white design with coloured pens

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