Digitising specialist David Sharp teams up with Amaya Sales UK to create a mixed-media piece that’s nothing short of a roaring success

This embroidery and DTG design was created as a “showroom piece” by and for David Sharp and garment decoration equipment supplier Amaya Sales UK, reports David Sharp’s director Dominic Bunce. Using a mix of print and embroidery produces a “truly unique piece”, he explains, and adds depth and value to the garment.

David Sharp, a long-established company that is known for its embroidery digitising services, commissioned its in-house artist to produce the unique drawing of a lion. The Gosport-based company then digitised the art, a DTG print of the Serengeti was applied as a background and then the embroidery was stitched onto this image.


For more details on how David Sharp and Amaya Sales UK created the mixed-media design, and the equipment and settings they used, visit our September 2020 issue