Joel Badger, owner of Manchester-based Anchor End, shares a detailed explanation of how he produced this outstanding ‘digital 3D-style’ screen print for a fashion-focused techno music brand

“The seps were completed by the super-talented Jon Hards at Custom Colour. We’ve found that Jon has the same attitude as us towards attempting pretty much any job and pushing what is possible.

“The artwork was complex due to its digital 3D-style, which meant that manual separations were the only answer – Jon has completed seps like this for us multiple times so we had no doubt that he would do a great job.

“The T-shirts were printed on our seven-head/10-station Roq You press. We find it brilliant for this sort of printing. We use our Roq pre-registration unit to make registration a lot easier and quicker.”

For more details on how Anchor End created this print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our January 2023 issue here