Danny Donald, screen printer at Flippin Sweet Print Co, created this showstopping CMYK screen print with two spot colours. He breaks down how he achieved it – although if you want a quick takeaway: consistency is key

This design was screen printed using a combination of CMYK and two spot colours (pink and teal) on 60 white AS Colour Classic T-shirts.

The artwork was separated by Jon Hards at Custom Colour. 

The films were burned onto 90T screens for all the CMYK colours and the two spot colours using Saati PHU 2 emulsion. The screens were burned in our M&R Starlight LED Exposure Unit at around about eight seconds per screen.

We print using an Anatol Thunder manual press and Amex inks for this print.


For more details on how Flippin Sweet Print Co created this print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our November 2022 issue here