Lon Winters and the team from Graphic Elephants can often be found doing live screen print demos at international, national and regional trade shows. The ‘crowd-pleasing, show-stopping’ print shown here was created for the Impressions Expo in Fort Worth, Texas…

“The client’s needs were simple and straightforward, reports Lon Winters, founder of the Colorado-based garment decorator Graphic Elephants: a vintage, classic, distressed print on a black T-shirt and “as much bang for the buck” as possible.

“Oh, and it had to scream ‘Texas’.

The design was printed on a six-colour manual press

Graphic Elephants used Wilflex Epic inks

“Let’s face it, what says Texas better than the Texas state flag? The folks down there think Texas is its own country. This show was taking place in Fort Worth, Texas. So we spelled it out in a wooden version of the flag.

“The printing technique and the surface of the fabric yielded more of a paint-peeling effect rather than wooden texture. Very convincing, both in visual and tactile terms. We call that ‘a happy accident’! Hey, it’s sometimes better to be lucky and good!”


For more details on how Graphic Elephants created this print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our May 2024 issue here