This showstopping screen print comes from the talented team at Calder Screen Print in West Yorkshire. Screen print manager Huzuna Costel, production manager Jack Smith and screen printer Tom Walsh share the secret of their success

“The design was created by a local band, Shanghai Treason, who always send us really nice images to print.

“We used MagnaPrint Screen Emulsion from MagnaColours. All inks were water-based and again by MagnaColours. The white base and top white were MagnaPrint Aquaflex V2.

“The design was screen printed on our 12-colour, 16-station Roq auto. We used three flashes, all set at four seconds at four heat level.

“We used Gildan Heavy Tees, as this is what our customer required. A decent shirt at a very decent price!”

The design was printed onto Gildan Heavy Tees

The design was printed onto Gildan Heavy Tees

For more details on how Calder Screen Print created this print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our March 2024 issue here