Print consultant Michelle Moxley and Beppe Quaglia of Virus Inks show how combining AI and a hybrid printing system opens the door to creating multiple variations of a design

This image was created by screen and digital printing expert Michelle Moxley, who is continuously researching how she can best use emerging AI (artificial intelligence) tools in the print world.

Using Midjourney, an AI image-creation program, she created pictures of a heron, selected her favourite and then used the ‘Very Subtle’ tool to create three similar yet distinct variations.

She then used Let’s Enhance software to increase the resolution of the images so that it was high enough for T-shirt printing, before applying ‘Neural’ filters in Photoshop to generate the colours for each bird.

Michelle used Midjourney, an AI image-creation program, to create pictures of the heron

Beppe printed the designs using an M&R DS-4000 Digital Squeegee

The T-shirts were merchandise for an imaginary brewery company, Great Blue Heron

Text was added to give the idea that the T-shirts were merchandise for an imaginary brewery company, Great Blue Heron, that sells drinks named after the heron’s nicknames: Bellweather IPA, Shag Poke Porter, and Gilly Whomper Ale.

Michelle then separated out the underbase from each of these designs and sent them to Beppe Quaglia of screen printing products company Quaglia in Italy, which produces the Virus Inks used in these prints. He printed the designs on an M&R DS-4000 Digital Squeegee, an inline hybrid printing system that can screen print a design’s underbase and then add a digital CMYK print on top.

For more details on how Michelle and Beppe created this print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our January 2024 issue here