The team at Presstime Design & Screenprint is justifiably proud of its ‘EverSoft’ technique. The Canadian company’s Pierre Hasapogiannis and Ricky Pridmore explain how it works

“One of the techniques that we pride ourselves on is something we call the ‘EverSoft’ print.

“It is essentially the old version of what people call a hybrid print – water-based discharge underbase with plastisol top colours.

“We choose to feature this print because it covers a ton of ground: it has spot colours, black traps, colour traps, gradients, Pantone matches and a discharge underbase.

“Not to mention, this exact six-colour design needed to be produced exactly on the left chest on the front of the T-shirts as well.

“When we were able to make this design sing, we all got that warm and fuzzy feeling.”

The T-shirt printed was an American Apparel 1301 in black

For more details on how Presstime Design & Screenprint created this print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our July 2023 issue here