Print and embroidery company Screenworks declared 2024 its year of innovation – and it has already fulfilled the brief by incorporating an NFC chip into a print. Alan Porter explains how the team “has smashed it out the park” with this futuristic design

Every month the Screenworks team chooses a product to highlight and a different technique to showcase their decoration skills to clients and inspire them.

Operations director Alan Porter explains: “Sales inform us on a technique we want to highlight which is influenced by marketing insights – and then artwork and production start to brainstorm by sending each other images back and forth on Teams, which creatively highlight the specific technique we are doing this particular month.”

“The idea of adding near-field communication (NFC) tags to prints was put forward.

“The chips in these tags can store data such as website information – then, when a person holds their mobile phone near the chip, the information is wirelessly transferred and their phone will be taken straight to the web page.

“It’s a great marketing add-on for brands.

“Here, the futuristic and metallic look of the NFC tag inspired us to choose a robot design, which links well with the NFC, both in appearance and conceptually, to highlight the technology aspect of the tags.”

The design was printed using a Kornit Avalanche HD6 DTG

The design was printed using a Kornit Avalanche HD6 DTG

For more details on how Screenworks created this print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our July 24 issue here