Amaze Software has chosen Kornit Workflow Solutions and Kornit Max technologies for on-demand production and fulfilment.

Amaze, which is the parent company of the Amaze, Spring and Outfts platforms, offers an end-to-end commerce solution for social media creators. The new partnership aims to help creators monetise their branded products.

“The social commerce market is growing rapidly, but creators struggle to capitalise on delivering branded products, as typical production cannot meet the expectations of brands and consumers for greater sustainability, creativity, agility, and market reactivity. Our flexible Global Fulfillment Network and proven on-demand digital technologies are designed to tackle those complexities,” said Ronan Samuel, chief executive officer at Kornit Digital.

“Combined with Amaze’s significant market reach and focus on creators, we’re enabling branded collections to be delivered without product limitations, wasted inventory or minimum order requirements – connecting with fans in-market to build tomorrow’s brands while driving price-competitive revenue opportunities.”

Aaron Day, chief executive officer Amaze, added: “There are more creators on social platforms than ever before. Our vision is to translate these voices into enduring brands by allowing virtually anyone to create and capitalise on their ideas. Kornit is key to making this possible, allowing us to enter new markets faster, offering better fan experiences and remaining nimble in this ever-changing market.”