The Kornit Atlas Max DTG system features XDi technology for high-density and 3D-effect printing

Three new impressive decoration opportunities for 2023, including DTG machines, a white toner printer, and an on-demand thread-colouring unit

Amaya says it is excited to announce three new garment decoration opportunities for 2023, all of which will be exhibited at Printwear & Promotion Live! in February at the NEC in Birmingham. However, if you want to act sooner, full demonstrations are available at the company’s showrooms in Nottingham and Hampshire immediately. You can book a demonstration by visiting Amaya’s website.

Polyprint NG Series First up is the new industrial-build DTG (direct-to-garment) solution from Polyprint. The NG series had a soft launch in the last quarter of 2022, but systems are now available at both showrooms for readers to visit for production demonstrations.

“Polyprint, who originally brought you some of the best print quality in DTG, has now combined this success with production speed,” explains Amaya. “There are three models in the NG range, with variable price points to suit different production levels. The superb print quality is combined with an oversized bed, allowing prints up to 50x70cm.”

The team at Amaya is enthusiastic about this new range, saying it provides a stepping-stone for customers between Polyprint’s TexJet entry-level machine and the industrial Kornit DTG solutions. “Furthermore, it is a system that can offer DTG and DTF (direct-to-film), so there are no application limitations.”

Uninet IColor 540 A4 White Toner Printer The second option is the Uninet IColor 540 A4 White Toner Printer. Smaller in size than Amaya’s existing offering of A3 white toner printers from Oki, this equipment is also priced lower, making it easy for new businesses to get started in transfer printing.

“It is a great way to introduce in-house transfer production for all businesses, plus it is unique as you can change the toners for neon and metallic for printing on other substrates.” Amaya sees this versatile product as the ideal next step for businesses currently offering either vinyl cut or sublimation printing.

The Uninet IColor 540 A4 White Toner Printer is ideal for new businesses wanting to get started in transfer printing, advises Amaya

The Uninet IColor 540 A4 White Toner Printer is ideal for new businesses wanting to get started in transfer printing, advises Amaya

The three models in the Polyprint NG Series can be seen at both of Amaya’s showrooms

The three models in the Polyprint NG Series can be seen at both of Amaya’s showrooms

Coloreel Instant Thread Colouring Solution Last, but by no means least, is the Coloreel Instant Thread Colouring Solution, which works in conjunction with Melco’s modular embroidery machines, which are also available from Amaya.

The company says it believes the Coloreel unit will give its customers unique advantages over competitors, from a reduction of thread stock as Coloreel only needs white thread to run, to faster embroidery production of multi-colour designs due to no trims with a colour change, and the ability to produce more elaborate designs.

Adding this “is a must”, says Amaya. “It is a natural progression for on-demand businesses to offer embroidery as well as print. There is now no reason to say that a piece of artwork can only be printed – it can now be embroidered using this thread print technology.”

Kornit Atlas Max DTG system “Although launched in 2022, the Kornit Atlas Max DTG system continues to create excitement in the market with its built-in pretreatment, and XDi technology enabling high-density and 3D-effect printing,” notes Amaya. A demonstration system is available at its Nottingham showroom.

Forever and more In addition to “What’s New for 2023”, Amaya prides itself on having “the widest range of personalisation equipment in the industry” and invites you to approach the team “for an impartial opinion on what is right for your business as we enter a new year”.

The company offers equipment for transfer printing, embroidery, UV printing, DTF, vinyl cutting, print-and-cut, and heat presses, not to mention DTG. Having been involved in DTG from its infancy, Amaya feels it is well-versed in helping companies of any size, not just in advising on the right equipment, but also on production techniques, garment advice, workflow and more.

In addition, Amaya offers the full range of Forever transfer papers for use in white toner and CMYK printers, and a wide selection of HTV (heat transfer vinyl) from Sef for cut and print-and-cut.