Amaya sells the Forever range of transfer papers

Amaya Sales UK says it offers a full range of digital transfer media, garment films and vinyls, cuttings equipment and heat processes.

Of particular note is the Forever range of transfer papers. This includes Forever Laser Dark (no cut), which Amaya says is the “ultimate for full-colour on dark shirts”, and Forever Flex Soft (no cut) – an alternative to garment film that doesn’t require weeding and comes in standard colours, metallics and neon, and can be used with a standard CMYK laser printer.

The company also supplies the Oki A3 and A4 white toner printers for use with the Laser Dark (no cut) paper. “The Oki A3 printers open up another market for larger flexible designs,” says Amaya. “We carry stocks of all the other Forever papers such as Laser Light, Classic, Universal and Multi Trans (for hard substrates).”

Amaya also recommends checking out the new Forever Transfer Rip, which it says “can cut up to 40% off toner costs and gives a softer feel of print with better washability”.

“We have a great range of SEF garment films and vinyl, and print-and-cut materials,” adds the company, “and you’ll be surprised at their quality and price.”

Completing Amaya’s transfer printing offer are Graphtec cutters, and heat presses from Stahls’ and Schulze.


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