Visit showrooms in the Midlands and the south of England for live demonstrations of a wide range of garment decorating equipment

Amaya Sales UK has two spacious showrooms – one in Havant, Hampshire, and one in East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire – allowing decorators the opportunity to see a comprehensive range of hardware from embroidery machines and garment printers to hard substrate printing equipment.

Whatever level your business is at, Amaya says it has a solution to fit your requirements along with specialists in all aspects of the industry who can give decorators their expert advice and recommendations.

All Amaya’s products are available for live demonstrations by appointment or can be viewed virtually.

A selection of DTG printers If you are looking to move into DTG (direct-to-garment) printing or to upgrade your existing operation, Amaya has a choice of two leading brands of printers available from entry-level up to high industrial production.

First up is the Polyprint TexJet range, which includes the brand-new NG range comprising the TexJet NG 120 and TexJet NG130. “The NG 130 can print dark shirts in less than a minute and comes with built-in PC and RIP software,” Amaya explains. “They have auto white ink circulation and auto CMYKW ink agitation, which give almost non-stop production.”

For those looking for a more entry-level system then the TexJet Shortee and TexJet Echo are available, says Amaya.

“Both printers are very economical, require minimum maintenance and can be left with the power off for around 30 days without white ink clogging. They produce superb, photorealistic prints with a soft feel.

The brand-new Polyprint NG DTG printer range is available from Amaya from September 2022

The brand-new Polyprint NG DTG printer range is available from Amaya from September 2022

“Digital Factory RIP software is included, making set-up very easy, and both printers work with the latest technology in DTF production, allowing transfers to be produced which can be applied to non-cotton-based fabrics.”

For high-production DTG printers, there is the Kornit Digital range of industrial DTG printers complete with built-in pretreatment. The models currently available are Storm HD6, Avalanche HD6, Atlas, Atlas Max, Vulcan Plus and “the pioneer in DTG on polyester”, the Avalanche Poly Pro. “The cost per print is very low and with production runs of up to 500 pieces, they compete easily with screen print without the time-consuming, costly set-up.”

Kornit X, a web-to-print software, is also available and promises seamless production flow from customer order to shipping. For roll-to-roll fabric printing there is the Kornit Presto and the Presto Max, which give a one-step solution for fast, on-demand production.

Melco EMT16X modular embroidery machines “Melco listened to its customers and created the Melco EMT16X,” Amaya reports. “More and more multi-head embroidery customers are now experiencing the benefits of the modular system, which are faster and more efficient production, and less downtime.

“Another major benefit is that you can start with one machine and then add on as your business grows.” Amaya invites readers to bring designs run on an existing machine together with the runtimes to one of its showrooms and compare them when run on the Melco EMT16X.

Roland print-and-cut systems, plus UV printers The entire selection of the print-and-cut systems from the Roland True Vis range are available from Amaya. The SG3 comes in 30”, 54” and 64” widths, while the VG3 comes in at 54” and 64”. “All the printers are ideal for producing heat transfers, stickers, banners, posters and much more.”

If you want to print onto hard substrates, then Amaya recommends Roland’s LEF2 range of desktop UV LED printers. ‘These flatbed printers offer advanced, versatile and productive customisation.” They are capable of printing on both hard and soft substrates, whether flat or curved.

White toner printers and Forever transfer papers Also from Amaya are the Oki Pro8432WT and Pro9541WT A3 white toner printers that team up with Forever transfer paper. “If you are looking for an A4 white toner printer, we offer the IColour 560.”

Garment film and heat presses Finally, Amaya offers a wide variety of Sef garment vinyl and a great range of heat presses from Stahls’.