The new Melco EMT16 Plus from Amaya

Melco has recently launched its new Melco EMT16 Plus modular embroidery machine – an upgrade to the Melco EMT16. Benefits of the EMT16 Plus include increased processing power, leading to enhanced overall performance, reports Amaya, along with a scalable multi-head system “that leaves standard multi-head machines in the dust”. The company says: “Imagine a scalable embroidery system that allows you to grow your embroidery production as needed. That’s the beauty of EMT16 Plus. This modular embroidery system is simply better than a standard multi-head embroidery machine because you can add single-heads to the system at any time, and configure your embroidery machines to match your production needs. Even in multi-head configurations, individual heads can be set up for embroidery on different products. For example, you might have three heads running polo shirts, and one running hats.”

The company says the new model will be up to 75% more efficient than previous Melco models thanks to progressive speed changes combined with pantograph and needle case refinements, along with up to 30% more stitches per bobbin – fewer bobbin changes mean reduced downtime. It promises “outstanding stitch quality”, with other features including Laser Alignment, Acti-Feed Thread System for automatic thread tensioning, and a small, cylindrical lower arm for embroidering on socks, shirt pockets and similarly difficult pieces.


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