The new Tajima TMAR-V Series from AJS

AJS Embroidery Services – the exclusive distributor of Tajima embroidery machines for the UK and Ireland – says that the Tajima TMAR-V Series is “the most advanced embroidery machine available”.
The new machine encompasses “high production efficiency, ultimate quality, overwhelming durability and performance” reports AJS, and features advanced electronics for a high level of control.

The newly designed ‘Cap Frame 2’ is said to have enhanced the embroidery stability, increasing the maximum rotational speed to 1,000 rpm. There is also a direct command switch, which allows all the main functions of the operation panel to be manipulated from each head.

Also brand new this year from AJS is the TMBU-S1401, a compact embroidery machine that enables users to embroider onto items such as leather carry-ons and sports and golf bags, as well as the usual caps and garments.

“Our exclusive relationship with Tajima ensures that we supply and support the most up-to-date machinery which our customers have come to expect and demand from Tajima in order for them to keep ahead of their competitors in an ever more competitive market place,” says AJS.


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