Aeoon Technologies has announced that it is adding a line-up of new inks to offer brighter colour options for printing garments on its digital machines.

The Spot Color inks will allow for a larger gamut of colours beyond the standard CMYK range, including orange, red, green and blue, leading to more accurate colour results.

Announcing the Spot Color inks, Aeoon said they made it easier and more accurate to achieve Pantone colours and provided improved colour brilliance and more consistent print results.

It added that this also meant there was less deviation between monitor and print due to larger colour space. It also offers ink savings, such as instead of 100% yellow and 100% magenta for red, only 100% red is required.

“For DTG printers using only CMYK colours, it is almost impossible to recreate the vibrancy and brightness of an RGB picture in a print,” Aeoon said in its announcement. “That is because the colours required are simply ‘out of gamut’ – they are not in the CMYK colour range.

“Customers who are used to seeing bright screen-print colours on textiles will notice that the same designs done with a DTG printer have less intense colours.

“With Spot Colors by Aeoon, it is finally no longer necessary to compensate that loss or try to balance it out with tweaks.”

Aeoon Technologies, based in Austria, manufactures and supplies digital printers including DTG printers all over the world. In the UK, its distribution partner is Sanco Technology.

T-shirts with Aeoon Spot Colors

T-shirts printed with only Aeoon CMYK inks (left) and with new Spot Colors as well (right)