Aeon has unveiled its new Kyo Hybrid Series printer at TV TecStyle Visions in Germany. The screen printing/DTG hybrid will be available in the third quarter of 2018.

“We have been working on this machine for a few years now, because we wanted to find a working solution to give the customer the maximum of flexibility,” explains the company.

The new machine, in Aeoon’s familiar and distinctive lime green livery, contains a screen printing unit and a DTG unit, allowing decorators to screen print white ink without pretreatment before applying a DTG print.

The screen printing unit – the Aeoon Kyo Hybrid Add-On – has an integrated, industrial flash curing unit and promises precise screen adjustment (0.001mm).

The DTG unit – the Aeoon Kyo Series – is designed for mass production and has a native resolution of 600dpi. It is available with two or three pallets, and four, eight or 12 print heads. Pallets can be changed for different applications.

The Hybrid Add-On goes on the back of the Kyo machine, and decorators can either screen print, DTG print or use a mix of the two. Once the screens are installed, operation is automatic: the pallets move to the back of the machine, the white ink is applied through the screen, the T-shirt is flash cured and then is moved to the front of the machine for the DTG print to be applied on top of the cured screen ink.

The Kyo Hybrid is said to be capable of printing up to 1,280 prints an hour when set up with a double set of CMYK inks, three pallets and using one pass printing at A4 size. It can be operated by a single employee, however the company advises that one person may struggle to keep up with the speed of the machine , whereas two operators will allow it to perform at its maximum speed.

“The price depends on the configuration,” adds Aeoon. “Like with all our machines, the machines can be adapted to fit the needs of the customers.”