New CTS solution and dryer innovations mark Adelco’s 50th year of trading

Adelco is celebrating its golden anniversary in 2022, having registered as a limited company 50 years ago this summer.

The company, which notes that it is a “world-leading manufacturer in digital textile, screen printing equipment and drying solutions”, launched three new dryer innovations at Fespa in Berlin earlier this year. “Adelco continues to push the boundaries of technology and engineering, delivering relevant and ground-breaking screen printing and drying technology with the customer at the heart of all their machines.”

The company has a comprehensive range of solutions for any size of print shop. “Visit our showroom for private demos to start your journey into a more streamlined, economic and environmentally sound print shop.”

The Adelco CTS Adelco is excited to introduce the new Adelco CTS, an advanced digital laser computer-to-screen (CTS) solution. “With high precision and high productivity, this is a truly simple process. This machine produces perfect screens with no consumables needed!”

Data files are directly read by the CTS and then converted into images, which will be transmitted through laser beams onto screens by DMD and lens.

Three laser powers – 5W, 20W and 25W – are possible, and an EOM (emulsion over mesh) of 120μm can be achieved with solvent-resistant emulsions, while an EOM of 220μm is possible with water-resistant emulsion for some special screen making, such as carbon oil and capillary.

Cyclone presses “The Adelco Cyclone high-speed automatic printing presses are based upon robust, heavy-duty foundations to which bespoke, lightweight, aluminium extrusions and precision CNC parts are fitted with meticulous attention to detail,” explains Adelco. Combined with this is an advanced control system, enabling the Cyclone carousel to run with “pinpoint accuracy at extreme speeds while still offering incredible value for money.

“With its servo-driven main drive, the Cyclone gives a fast, smooth index that provides print speeds in excess of 1,000 pieces per hour.” It is available in three print sizes: 45 x 50cm, 50 x 70cm and 60 x 80cm.

Adelco is the UK distributor for Thermotron folding and bagging machines

Adelco is the UK distributor for Thermotron folding and bagging machines

The new Pro-Cure Smart conveyor dryer range is available in five belt widths and limitless oven lengths

The new Pro-Cure Smart conveyor dryer range is available in five belt widths and limitless oven lengths

New Pro-Cure Smart dryers Billed by Adelco as “the most technically advanced and most efficient garment conveyor dryer on the market”, the new Adelco Pro-Cure Smart conveyor dryer range is fully modular in design and available in five belt widths and limitless oven lengths. Decorators can customise the dryer, which is available for all digital and conventional inks, to suit their individual needs.

New features that come as standard include reduced energy consumption, resulting in low running costs; a self-tensioning, self-aligning conveyor belt with rubber covered rollers for “unmatched” belt life and tracking; ergonomically positioned and adjustable touchscreen control panel interface; rapid dual air filter cleaning; rapid infeed and outfeed extraction filter cleaning; updated UV flame detection system with easy access; built-in infeed and outfeed fume extraction system; on-screen temperature mapping; curing time and temperature history record; gas pressure display; and fault finding and service instruction videos.

“By using the highest quality components, concentrating on high airflow and efficient exhaust systems, adding in practical and ingenious solutions for effortless maintenance, we feel confident that we have a product that’s leading the industry, in terms of technical advancement, quality of build and low running costs.”

Dual Smart dryers The “world’s highest production and energy-efficient textile drying machine”, the Dual Smart with its ‘two dryers, one footprint’ concept has separate heat chambers, airflow and exhaust for both the top and bottom belt.

Other “valuable and ingenious features” that Adelco promises will increase the print quality for all textile ink systems and fabrics, including transfers, are modular three-metre and four-metre oven lengths; self-tensioning, self-aligning conveyor belts; ergonomically positioned control panel interface, retractable for easy loading access; easy access infeed and outfeed extraction filter; and independent burners and airflow for each belt.

Thermotron folding and bagging machines Adelco is proud to be the UK Thermotron distributor and provides a range of folding and bagging machines that complement and streamline any print shop.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration on any of these products, visit the Adelco website.