Adelco has taken on the UK distributorship of Thermotron, a manufacturer of automatic packing machinery for the clothing industry.

Thermotron’s comprehensive product range includes folding, bagging, stacking and sealing machines, that are either modular or complete in design, to cater to individual company needs.

The STP1000 Folding Machine is designed to fold various types and sizes of ready-made garment. It is intended for single-person operation and has a maximum production capacity is 5500 garments per eight hours.

The new PV40 Bagging Machine automatically bags garments from the STP1000, without the need for an additional operator, in polyethylene (PE) bags in the form of an envelope, while the NT50 Stacking Machine automatically stacks folded garments as they come from the STP1000. The KL-55 Sealing Machine automatically seals the bags containing garments that have been folded and packaged by the STP-1000 and PV-38 Bagging Machine, using adhesive tape for a professional finish.

The automatic FX-23 Folding Machine is a low cost, semi-automatic folder that functions independently and also requires only a single operator. It is designed to fold T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, undershirts and so on.

Thermotron’s machines are internationally recognised for their innovation and quality, according to Adelco, which adds that the company’s programme of continuous development and growth ensures quality and reliability at attractive and competitive prices. “Unsurprisingly we have had a lot of interest in these products already, due to their quality, modular design and price point,” stated the company.

The STP1000 Folding Machine – part of Thermotron’s range of modular automatic machinery