Manufacturer Adelco will launch its new Cyclone automatic screen printing presses at Itma 2019.

Adelco will showcase its new Cyclone presses at the event, which is being held in Barcelona from 20-26 June, and will offer live demonstrations to show their “ease of use, fast loading times and unbeatable ink stability”. 

“Adelco’s range of Cyclone high speed automatic printing presses are based upon robust, heavy duty foundations to which bespoke lightweight aluminium extrusions and precision CNC parts are fitted with meticulous attention to details. Adding to this, our advanced control system enables our Cyclone carousel to run pin-point accuracy at extreme speeds whilst still offering incredible value for money,” said the company.

Offering various high-speed digital hybrid options, the Cyclone range of presses have a pin-point registration of <+ 0.02mm and are said to be able to print more than 1,000 pieces per hour. It also features three-way micro-screen adjustment, a load delay pedal, optional built-in LED lights in its print heads, lightweight CNC aluminium pallets with a tool-free quick-release system and CNC print arms with pallet level tolerances.

Featuring quick-lock, tool-free squeegees with angle adjustment and flood bars, the new screen printing press also has twin chopper squeegee pressure cylinders to provide “tool-free control of print pressures” and an individual horizontal screen lift at each print head so that the pallets can remain at a constant height, said the company. Its rapid-lock, high-lift screen system is said to provide easy screen-cleaning access, as well as the loading of flashes into any print head position.

The Cyclone also includes auto start, stop, sample and rotovate flash programmes, and is PLC-controlled with an HD touchscreen interface incorporating advanced features, simple set up and full machine self-diagnosis.