Adelco has introduced a new high-speed, high-resolution industrial computer-to-screen (CTS) solution, InkPro600.

Based on inkjet printing technology, the InkPro600 promises “a higher resolution than any other inkjet system on the market… with superior image integrity”.

It has the ability to print computer-to-screen images “with richer details and smoother halftone transitions which are superior to traditional film positives”.

The CTS system directly generates and exposes opaque images on emulsion – coated screens with UV-blocking ink so that users can reduce the time and effort required for screen preparation.

The screens produced by the InkPro600 are compatible with existing stand-alone exposure equipment, making it easy to integrate into current screen printing production lines. The specially formulated UV-blocking ink works well on all emulsions on the market.

Adelco highlights that the CTS system eliminates film positives, adding that “litho film is becoming increasingly expensive and the suppliers on the market are decreasing”. One CTS digital screen-making procedure replaces five procedures using the conventional process.

The adjustable frame fixture provides fast set-up for screen frames up to 635mm by 914.4mm (25 inches by 36 inches). It provides resolution of 1440 dpi by 1200 dpi.

It comes with professional ColorPrint server RIP software for efficient workflow. The print head maintenance module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping. There is also an optional on-board exposure lamp available.

The introduction of the InkPro600 follows Adelco’s launch of an advanced digital laser CTS solution last summer, offering high precision and high productivity.

Founded in 1972, Adelco specialises in manufacturing equipment for garment and textile printing including jet air conveyor dryers and oval automatic screen printing presses.