Adelco has launched an updated version of its hybrid digital system, promising print speeds not found on any other hybrid systems on the market.

The high-speed digital station works seamlessly as an add-on with Adelco automatic screen printing presses including the Cyclone carousel, Matrix Oval and Ellipse Oval.

Announcing the introduction of its AD Hybrid Digital in the UK, Adelco said it combined “the advantages of both screen and digital printing to create even the most innovative garment decoration” and provided “a new value and price point versus print speed not found on existing hybrid systems on the market”.

Using environmentally friendly inks, the hybrid system can produce A3-format printed substrates at a rate of more than 200 units per hour. When used with a screen-printed base, it is described as providing the lowest ink cost per print.

It comes in three print sizes: 40cm by 50cm, 50cm by 70cm and 60cm by 80cm.

The hybrid system is fitted with industrial Ricoh Gen 5 print heads and a six-colour process (CMYK + RG) to achieve photographic quality and a wide colour gamut with CMYK +RG.

Files are quick and easy to set up, removing the time, costs and cleaning normally involved with conventional screen print. It is available in four or six colours.

Luke Smith, sales director at Adelco, said: “Hybrid solutions aren’t new but what we are offering is a full six-colour printer that is compact, affordable and fast. We want to make it an easy add-on for screen printers.”

Adelco will have the new AD Hybrid Digital running with its Cyclone carousel in its showrooms in Bordon in Hampshire where companies can make an appointment to see the machine in action