Adelco is today unveiling two new conveyor dryers at Fespa Global Print Expo in Berlin, promising machines with new “ground-breaking features and advantages”.

It is presenting the Adelco Pro-Cure Smart, described as its new flagship textile conveyor dryer, and the Adelco Dual Smart, an updated version of its high-production Dual dryer.

The two machines are being showcased on Adelco’s stand at Fespa Global Print Expo at Messe Berlin which runs from today (31 May) until Friday 3 June. They will be launched into the market later this year.

The Pro-Cure Smart is being launched after research and development around Adelco’s bestselling dryer, the Pro-Cure.

The new machine maintains all the popular and cutting-edge features of the original Pro-Cure – the range is fully modular and available in five belt widths and many oven lengths – but has more features as standard.

These include a self-tensioning, self-aligning conveyor belt with rubber-covered rollers for “unmatched” belt life and tracking, and an ergonomically positioned and adjustable touch screen control panel interface.

It offers rapid dual air filter cleaning, rapid infeed and outfeed extraction filter cleaning, and integrated infeed/outfeed and main blower exhaust with residue trap.

It has an updated UV flame detection system with easy access, a built-in infeed and outfeed fume extraction system, on-screen temperature mapping, curing time and temperature history record and a gas pressure display.

It also comes with fault-finding and service instruction videos, “pit stop” internal cleaning, quick removable external panels, and an easy-clean exhaust drip tray.

Adelco managing director Mark Smith said: “We are exceptionally proud of the Pro-Cure Smart, and the technology it can offer to both the screen and digital printer.

“We have already received excellent feedback and pre-orders from our customers who recognise our new dryer systems offer features that are not available from other manufacturers.

“By using the highest-quality components, concentrating on high airflow and efficient exhaust systems, adding in practical and ingenious solutions for effortless maintenance, we feel confident that we have a product that’s leading the industry, in terms of technical advancement, quality of build and low running costs.”

The new Adelco Dual Smart conveyor textile dryer comes with “valuable and ingenious features that will increase print quality for all textile ink systems and fabrics including transfers”.

Adelco has enhanced its popular “Dual dryer – two dryers, one footprint” concept, which offers separate heat chambers, and airflow and exhaust for both the top and bottom belt.

The result is that the new Dual Smart is said to reduce energy usage and downtime and is more intuitive with the printer.

Its “ground-breaking” features and advantages include on-screen gas pressure display, modular four-metre and four-oven lengths, and self-tensioning, self-aligning conveyor belts.

It offers an ergonomically positioned control panel interface, retractable for easy loading access, easy-access air filter cleaning, easy-access infeed and outfeed extraction filter cleaning, and an exhaust residue trap.

There are independent burners and airflow for each belt, plus an updated quick-access UV flame detection system, rubber-covered rollers for a non-slip process, and a built-in infeed/outfeed fume extraction system.

The new machine also offers curing time and temperature history report, on-screen temperature mapping via an optional temperature mapping device, on-screen fault finding and service instruction videos, “pit stop” internal cleaning, and easy-to-remove, tool-free external panels.

Mark said: “Our original Dual dryer exceeded industry expectations and was revered by printers around the globe. We continue to push the boundaries and strive to enhance and develop the technology and features on the Dual.”

The Pro-Cure Smart and the Dual Smart are the last of three products that Adelco is launching this year to commemorate its 50th anniversary. At Fespa Global Print Expo, it will also be showcasing its “ground-breaking” Cyclone Auto Carousel.

Adelco Dual Smart

Pictured: The new Adelco Dual Smart conveyor dryer