The Cyclone high-speed automatic printing presses come with a servo-driven main drive for a fast, smooth index capable of speeds in excess of 1,000 pieces per hour, says Adelco

The press is available in three print sizes – 45x50cm, 50x70cm and 60x80cm – with a pinpoint registration of <+ 0.02mm and “three-way micro screen adjustment for easy set-up”.

The Cyclone features “standard, solid, high-grade, lightweight CNC aluminium pallets with a unique tool-free, quick-release system and CNC-machined, extruded aluminium print arms”, adds the supplier.

Its “advanced control system enables the Cyclone carousel to run pinpoint accuracy at extreme speeds”, while an “automatic high-lift screen system provides easy screen-cleaning access and loading of flashes into any print head position”.

Other features include built-in LED screen lights and twin chopper squeegee pressure cylinders with tool-free adjustment, plus quick-lock, tool-free squeegees with tool-free angle adjustment and flood bars.

The Cyclone is PLC-controlled with an HD touchscreen interface offering “advanced features, simple set-up and full machine self-diagnosis”, as well as auto start, stop, sample and rotovate flash programmes.

In addition, high-speed digital hybrid options are also available.

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