Luke Smith has been appointed sales director and Daniel Smith has been appointed engineering director by Adelco.

Luke will be responsible for the strategic leadership of the sales department and will contribute to the overall growth strategy, helping the business achieve further success both in the UK and worldwide. He has extensive experience in the textile printing trade, and has spent the past five years as Adelco’s technical sales manager.

Daniel has a strong engineering background and experience working within Adelco’s R&D department, in its China facility.

Leigh Smith CEO, and father of Luke and Daniel, commented: “It’s a proud day to have both my boys become directors in the business. Their combination of youth and enthusiasm, coupled with the global experience they have already gained, will greatly benefit our business going forward.”

Managing director Mark Smith added: “Adelco has seen another year of growth, increasing year-on-year turnover by over 28%. Luke’s experience in digital textile printing and drying systems and Daniel’s experience in product development and technical support have both been major contributors to this success.”