Offering the latest screen and digital printing technology, the Cyclone and AD Hybrid systems set new industry standards by providing a unique combination of capabilities, says machine manufacturer Adelco

“The AD Hybrid’s use of a screen print white base combined with photographic digital print quality provides the cost and opacity advantages of both print solutions, with a print cost that works out to be a fraction of a fully digital print.

“The Hybrid print solution, compatible with just one or two screens based on the chosen ink type, results in significant savings in pre-press costs and set-up times. This enhances the commercial viability of smaller, complex print jobs, making production much more efficient,” says the company.

The new Adelco AD Hybrid printer is equipped with Ricoh Gen 5 print heads, and is available in standard four-colour (CMYK) or six-colour (CMYKRG) formats for “a more expansive and accurate colour gamut”.

The high-speed industrial printing system comes in three print size formats: 45x50cm, 50x70cm and 60x80cm. It can produce 350 consistent prints per hour with high-resolution prints achieving 600 x 1,800dpi, and will seamlessly integrate into most screen print systems thanks to its compact design, adds Adelco.

Key features of the Hybrid paired with the Cyclone include a user-friendly interface that’s “easy to set up, removing the time, costs and cleaning involved with conventional screen print”. In addition, it offers registration accuracy of <+ 0.02mm and is “designed for the most challenging screen and digital printing”.