Adelco has introduced a new computer-to-screen (CTS) system. 

The vertical LaserPro XL is a laser exposure system that needs no consumables and promises high resolutions. It reads data files through the CTS system, explained the machine manufacturer, converting them into images which are then transmitted onto the screens using lasers.

“By employing digital imaging technology and without the need for additional consumables, this innovative system generates images utilizing the DMD (digital micro-mirror device), which boasts an impressive array of over 800,000 or two million micrometre micro-mirrors,” Adelco explained. “This advanced configuration ensures the production of crisp and well-defined square dots. “

A screen size of 1,000mm by 1,000mm can be completed in three minutes, Adelco reported, with a maximum screen size of 1,200mm by 1,300mm possible (the maximum exposure size 1,100mm by 1,200mm). The LaserPro XL eliminates the need for film positives, promises low running costs, and offers two laser powers – 20W and 25W.