Action Engineering has announced the launch of its new face mask pallets for Kornit Digital’s direct-to-garment machines.

“Different styles of face masks need different pallets to do a full-face print,” explains Action Engineering, with its Kornit Style Face Mask Pallet options designed to offer speed and printing accuracy on a variety of face masks.

The Kornit Style Form Fitted Pallet is designed for form-fitted masks with a chin seam. It has a print area of 5.75×3.75″, an interchangeable chin seam easement plate and is loaded by hooking the face mask in the back, then pulling it towards you.

The Kornit Style Flat Pallet is designed for flat-fitted masks with no chin seam. It has a print area of 5.75×3.25″, no seam easement, and is loaded by placing the mask on top of the plate and closing the pallet to flatten.

The Kornit Style Universal Face Mask Pallet has a print area of 3×3”, and features a small hold down used for small prints on either flat or form-fitted face masks.

Custom face mask pallets are available with a four-piece minimum; users must provide a mask sample for the custom option.