Corrina Beasley, owner of Mrs Beasleys Bows, has produced button headbands for NHS workers to help relieve the discomfort of wearing protective face masks.

Corrina, whose company specialises in handmade hair accessories, was asked by a doctor friend to make the headbands with buttons on the side for her and her team.

“Their ears were becoming incredible sore, due to the elastic on the masks that they constantly have to wear,” explained Corrina.

“The buttons at either side allow the masks to be hooked onto the headband rather than their ears.” 

The button jersey headbands were made on a Janome HD2200 sewing machine using Gutermann Sew All Polyester Thread. 

Corrina said: “The basic design and the use of cotton jersey fabric ensures comfort, and allows them to be easily laundered. 

“These are a not for profit product, and the price charged just covers the cost of materials, plus my time, which is calculated at less than minimum wage. The response to these has, so far, been incredible. In just over a week, I have made over 100 and the orders are still flooding in. 

The button jersey headbands were made on a Janome HD2200 sewing machine

“There has also been an overwhelming response from customers who are not NHS workers, but want to donate headbands to those that need them.”

In response to this, Corrina set up a Random Acts of Kindness button on her website, where people are able to nominate their department within the NHS and let her know how many headbands they need, and these can then be bought/donated by members of the public.

“Yesterday there were 15 headbands purchased for Nevill Hall Hospital’s radiology department, and eight for the emergency department paediatric nurses at the Princess Royal University Hospital.

“These were all snapped up within a few hours.”