Jas Purba, managing director of ETC Supplies, reviews the range of high grade lubricants that will help to keep your embroidery machine working smoothly

Regular lubrication of your embroidery machine is essential to keep it running smoothly. But what are the best lubricants to use? For many embroiderers that’s an easy one to answer: WD40 (and similar products that are equally cheap and readily available). Wrong! These products are not true lubricants; in fact, they have been designed to displace water and act to protect against rust and dirt. Embroidery machines require a high quality lubricating oil and grease to protect the hardworking parts.

There is a large range of lubricants to choose from, as well as various different dispenser types for easy and clean application. Here are some of the products ETC recommends; however, it’s important to always seek advice from your machine engineer if you’re not sure which product is best for your particular make of machine.


The one-litre Sewing Machine Oil Bottle is great for topping up sumps on sewing machines and refilling the smaller bottles. It contains a high grade, synthetic white oil with excellent lubrication properties that can be used all around embroidery machines

Lube Hook Spray is a light general purpose oil with aerosol spray application that provides easy, accurate and economical application on all types of machinery, small lightly loaded bearings etc. The oil in this can is a blend of high grade, modified mineral oils

The LB5 Spray Machine Lubricant delivers a controlled quantity of 75 microlitres per depression. Ideal for delicate mechanisms, it contains hydrotreated, light mineral oil and doesn’t run

MP Lithium EP2 is a highly versatile, multipurpose, lithium-based grease that is ideal for lubricating ball and roller bearings, and other components that are subject to high pressure

The Pen Oiler contains about 7.5ml of oil and has a needle applicator to get into hard-to-reach areas. The oil in this is solvent de-waxed mineral oil, a very light oil that is also used on watches

The medium-sized 120ml Metal Head Oil Bottle has a bent metal spout with a drip end. The oil only comes out when the bottle is squeezed, preventing oil spills. Again, the oil in this bottle is a high grade, synthetic white oil with non-staining properties

The small 20ml White Oil Bottle has a long spout attachment that makes it easy to get into tight areas. The oil in this bottle is a high grade, synthetic white oil with nonstaining properties

MPG is a general purpose lubricant that is suitable for a wide range of and electrical applications and has good lubricating and thermal properties. It promises good performance in environments with varying temperature conditions.

The Oil Refill Can With Flexible Spout Pump Action has a flexible plastic spout that delivers a precise amount of oil wherever it is needed