Roger Law, of CadCam Technology, walks you through the process of laser engraving a pair of So Denim jeans, step-by-step

Setting the size, frequency and direction of the scan lines

Here the scan lines are set vertically; the laser is activated in the image area only

Selecting the material to be engraved

Tracing the positioning guide for the jean’s back pocket

Converting the raster image to a vector image with the laser set to engrave the outline

Setting the cutting guide (dotted line around rectangle) in the vector image

Positioning the jeans on the bed of the FB500 laser engraver

The LED traces the shape of the pocket so the operator can position the jeans precisely

The FB500 engraving the jeans (with a puff of smoke visible as the laser does it work)

The vertical scanning lines cause the image to appear horizontally across the substrate

The finished result – a laser-engraved logo on the back pocket of a pair of So Denim jeans

The laser will work over seams, rivets, stitching and so on