If you’re looking for new embroidery software, need a hand with colour separations, or are planning a new ecommerce site then check out our round-up of the latest software releases

AJS Embroidery Services: Tajima DG16 by Pulse

DG16 is the latest software release from Pulse

Tajima DG16 by Pulse is the newest version of what AJS calls “the world’s best embroidery software”. DG16 promises more ways to creatively personalise products than ever before. Fifteen new professionally digitised fonts have been added to the software as standard, bringing the total number to over 180, while the new ColorIT tool can be used to tint an entire design lighter or darker or to add a colour theme such as ‘spring’ or ‘baby girl’. “Not only can users make more unique and intricate designs, the process has also been sped up considerably,” says Pulse. “The new dynamic ribbon interface displays only the tools that are available to be used with whichever type of segment you have selected. 

“We’ve also added a one-click conversion feature that allows users to change the segment type by right clicking on icons instead of navigating through menus. Other timesavers like the Rounded Corner tool and Drag Anchor Path have also been added to the software.”


BriTon Leap: Embrilliance Embroidery Software

Embrilliance Embroidery version 1.161 will soon be available from BriTon Leap

BriTon Leap reports that it will soon be releasing version 1.161 of its modular and multi-seat Embrilliance Embroidery software platform. Following its award- winning, automated 3D Foam feature, BriTon Leap has created several additions that it says addresses its growing audience of commercial users. Its Essentials and Enthusiast products are said to benefit from not only refined branching and redigitised native fonts, but also from multiple new sequencing methods, including those intended for cap embroidery and new trim settings respecting both automatic and manual methods, as well as time-saving shortcuts and UI improvements.

The StitchArtist digitising range includes new drawing tools for parametric shapes and three- point arcs, and improvements to bezier curve handling. Another addition is a native, object-based font publisher to StitchArtist level 3. BriTon Leap comments: “Unlike competing software suites’ costly add-on modules that only create raw font files, this free, integrated feature allows any StitchArtist 3 digitiser to create and publish object-based fonts in an automatically installable file format, ready for sale and distribution to Embrilliance software users, complete with extensive copyright information and digital rights management settings allowing complete creator control.” All updates are free to existing Embrilliance owners.


ShopWorks Software: OnSite 8

OnSite 8 from ShopWorks Software helps track and manage orders

ShopWorks Software, a company that specialises in developing business software specifically for the embellished product industry, says its latest product, OnSite 8, now offers “a more powerful, more intuitive and more collaborative way to track and manage orders”. It says: “OnSite helps eliminate risk by showing business owners and their employees the status of all orders and related information with just a few clicks of the mouse.” The software has been specifically designed to meet the needs of promotional product distributors and suppliers and offers single quantities for promotional items, and a size matrix for apparel items. It also issues and tracks purchase orders to vendors, calculates prices based on industry pricing codes, and has integrated Sage sourcing.

“OnSite 8 offers seamless business process integration on-premises and in the cloud,” says ShopWorks. It also offers a number of improved features to complement its popular ProofStuff, ManageOrders and PromoStores application suite, such as improved accounting functions, including the ability to handle ‘eCheck’ payments and refunds; an inventory app that lets users check and update the level of product on hand from any mobile device; the ability to create and manage coupons; and an externally hosted, cloud computing option.


YES: Kothari Print Pro RIP for DTG

The new DTG Digital Europe version of the Kothari Print Pro RIP is available from YES

In February, YES introduced the new DTG Digital Europe version of the Kothari Print Pro RIP for DTG. “As we all know, when printing onto black or coloured T-shirts you need to lay down a white base,” says YES. “The density of this base is critical to the finished quality of the print and, usually speaking, you will get the best quality by printing this layer at 1,440dpi x 1,440dpi. Kothari and DTG Digital have developed a new version of the software so that it will produce the same depth of white base when printing at 720dpi x 720dpi. Not only does this half the time usually taken to lay the white base down, but it also uses only approximately half the ink.

So, with this RIP you can increase your production and reduce your cost without losing quality.” The new RIP also has a completely revised interface. Customers who purchased a DTG Digital product in the past 12 months can get a free RIP upgrade.


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