EMBROIDERY 52 images NOVEMBER 2023 It’s a stitch up! We’ve pulled together a collection of must-have embroidery equipment and consumables for the commercial embroiderer ETC Supplies: ‘No Waste’ PreWound Bobbins These new ‘no waste’, pre-wound bobbins have been designed without an inner core or sides to ensure they don’t produce any plastic waste, says ETC Supplies. “Our ‘No Waste’ bobbins run just like standard sideless bobbins, and you also get more thread on the bobbins!” it adds. Packed in boxes of 144 pieces, the ‘no waste’ bobbins are made from a 100% polyester filament thread (ticket 120 or 75D/2), and are available in an ‘L’ size to fit all standard embroidery machines. ETC’s new ‘no waste’ bobbins are made from a 100% polyester filament thread Madeira UK: Polyneon Green & Sensa Green, plus Ezee Embroidery Accessories The extensive range of embroidery threads from Madeira UK includes its Classic rayon and Polyneon polyester threads, as well as metallic, wool-blend and mattfinish alternatives. For specialised applications, the company also supplies conductive, reflective and fire-resistant embroidery threads. Its latest products include Polyneon Green, an embroidery thread made from 100% recycled (PET) plastic bottles, which is available in 108 colours, and Sensa Green, a soft thread made from 100% biodegradable lyocell fibres and available in 144 colours. Alongside cut and tearaway backings, Madeira’s embroidery accessory range also now includes the Ezee needle changing tool, Ezee machine threader and packaging supplies. Madeira UK’s extensive range of embroidery threads includes metallic, wool-blend and matt-finish options Amaya Sales UK: Coloreel Instant Thread Colouring Unit & Melco EMT16X Embroidery Machine Now available from Amaya Sales UK, the Coloreel Instant Thread Colouring Unit offers embroiderers instant thread colouring on demand. The Coloreel system can be mounted onto any modern singlehead or multi-head embroidery machine, the supplier explains. “It’s easy to operate with a smart touchscreen panel, can be controlled remotely, and works on all standard thread speeds, matching normal production speeds. “And because it eliminates trims for colour changes, it also reduces production time.” The Melco EMT16X modular system is also available from Amaya, which can be offered as a single-head or multi-head embroidery machine. “As well as the technical benefits, you can also add on extra machines when production dictates, so you don’t have to make the decision about what size machine you start with,” points out the distributor. The Coloreel system can be mounted onto any modern single-head or multi-head embroidery machine