TIPS & TECHNIQUES 62 images NOVEMBER 2022 Splitting up In this two-part step-by-step guide, award-winning embroiderer David Morrish of Kingfly shows you how to split up a large embroidery design with no visible joins When your design has exceeded your maximum hoop size, it can leave you feeling frustrated, lost and confused. You know you don’t want to reduce the size of your design, so what do you do? David Morrish of Kingfly, who has twice been named Wilcom Digital Embroiderer of the Year and is appearing in the BBC1 series, Make It At Market, has the answer. His dramatic and distinctive work frequently requires him to carefully split up the designs before embroidering them back together with no join lines; the piece that led to David being presented with the Wilcom Award for Digital Embroidery at the Hand & Lock annual embroidery competition in 2021 took 65 hoopings and measured more than 1.5 metres in length. “There are design-splitting tools available in some digitising programmes, however these are not always 100% reliable and can cause some unsightly join lines that, if embroidered, would spoil the appearance of your design,” he explains. “I am going to show you how I manually split a large design whilst avoiding visible joins.” It is, he says, like doing a jigsaw puzzle where you create each piece. “When I digitise a large design I do it as one whole image; I call this file the ‘master’. Once I'm happy with it, I then split it into sections – each section, which I call a hooping, should fit your selected hoop size.” The image in this step-by-step guide contains four hoopings and one master file. Next month in Images, David will explain how to embroider the different sections together to create a seamless finished result.