PF DRYING & CURING SOLUTIONS 58 images MAY 2023 We turn up the heat on the latest innovations in textile drying and curing systems Hot under the cover Xpres: Sefa Duplex Pro V3 Full Auto Pneumatic Press, Texpres Roll to Roll Calender Press & Xpres Dry 1000 Tunnel Dryer Xpres offers a range of drying and curing solutions designed to cater for both small and large garment decoration businesses. This includes the Sefa Duplex Pro V3 Full Auto Pneumatic Press, which is an ideal solution for fast, effective drying as it’s equipped with ample space between, behind and under the plates for greater manoeuvrability, says Xpres. “The Duplex Pro delivers very high pressure and is suitable for all kinds of transfers, including laser transfers, plus it features an automatic closing and opening, and a quick-release element.” Also available, the Texpres Roll to Roll Calender Press offers the functionality to transfer ink onto cut pieces or continuous roll-to-roll transfer, offering “a perfect drying and curing partner to any large-format sublimation printer”. “Using its precision roller feed system and infrared heat source, the Texpres transfers sublimation prints from paper onto polyester fabrics. In addition, its 10” diameter infrared quartz heated drum provides a stable and continuous heat distribution ensuring perfect transfers!” For tunnel drying, the Xpres Dry 1000 single-belt tunnel dryer promises optimum drying performance, eliminating issues such as scorching, discolouration and washability, adds the supplier. “The Xpres Dry tunnel dryers are designed and manufactured in the UK, and can be built in almost any configuration required. As standard, they’re available in sizes starting at two-metre long with a single 720mm wide belt, through to four-metre long tunnels with belts as wide as 1,900mm, with all other sizes available in between. “The dryers can also be configured with twin belts, which can run in either the same or opposite directions, to handle print output from devices at either end of the tunnel.” [L-R] Xpres offers a range of drying and curing solutions, including Sefa heat presses, Texpres calenders and the Xpres Dry 1000 tunnel dryer RA Smart: Transmatic 7100 Entry-Level Sports Calenders The Transmatic 7100 range of entrylevel sports calender heat presses offers the flexibility needed to print both cut panels and roll-to-roll fabrics, says exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, RA Smart. Available with either a 120cm or 170cm wide belt, the Transmatic 7100 range has a 20cm oil-filled drum for even and consistent temperatures across the full width of the machine, adds the supplier. “This method of drum heating can save up to 50% of energy compared with electrical heated presses. “The touchscreen panel allows the operator to easily programme precise speed and temperature settings, whilst the adjustable pneumatic clutches provide tension controls for the fabric and paper.” The Transmatic 7100 models also feature a loading table, which allows users to lay pre-cut panels of textile onto the printed sublimation paper as it’s fed through the machine. Its three unwind and rewind bars enable users to print continuous rolls of printed textiles, as with conventional calender units. The Transmatic 7100 range comes with either a 120cm or 170cm wide belt