KB DRYING & CURING SOLUTIONS MAY 2023 images 57 press as they take up a lot less space and offer the option of interchangeable platens, allowing users to press sleeves, collars, bags and shoes with ease. The HTP123 clam press with pull-out drawer function makes the procedure easier and safer, and is priced at £900 including attachments. Target Transfers: Entry level functionality to start with is interchangeable platens. This is the number one feature that heat printers need on their press. Prices will range from £350-£1,000. Schulze: An €900-€1,300 mechanical press (£790-£1,140) with a 38x38cm or 40x50cm base plate size. And for an established business printing a diverse range of products? Secabo: Swing-away presses, which open and close parallel to the work surface and swing to the side when open. The vertical contact pressure allows for error-free transfers without offset effects on a wide range of materials. For these users, semiautomatic operation makes sense. The price range for these is €800–€2,500 (£700–£2,200). TheMagicTouch: Add additional presses and platens to widen the range of printable items. Target Transfers: The functionality needed in addition to interchangeable platens is a pressure read out. The most common mistake made by any heat printer is over- or under-pressure when fusing. Price range: £1,000-£2,500. Schulze: A mechanical or pneumatic swing double press (€3,500-€6,000, or £3,080-£5,280) plus compressor costs and different base plate sizes. Xpres: They should be looking to spend £1,500-£2,500 on a mid-range press with additional features and the option to add even more. Productivity can also be improved with a twin platen press. This allows for one operator to work two press beds at the same time, almost doubling their productivity. Dae Ha UK: Semi-auto presses (eg the LTS 138 Slide, £2,995) or pneumatic presses (eg the LTS 750, £4,795) with either one or two lower platens is a must. Speed of press, energy efficiency, being ergonomically friendly and also being quickly adaptable for a wealth of different printable products are key. And for a high-volume decorator? Dae Ha UK: Lotus excels in this area, with large, XL and XXL pneumatic and membrane presses to choose from, whether it’s the dual platen LTS750/760, or the 100x80cm LTS690 for pressing either multiple garments at one time or for large fabric applications. Expect to pay between £4,795 to £15,315. Xpres: Shops that apply a large quantity of transfers every day should be looking to spend £2,500 plus to be able to add automated/pneumatic presses to their workflow. Features like pneumatic auto close, auto open and auto swing away not only increase the overall speed of each application, but they also go a long way towards reducing user fatigue. TheMagicTouch: We strongly recommend going automatic. A pneumatic press – which costs around £2,500 – combined with a compressor or your own air supply offers a more consistent production speed and reduced fatigue for the operator. Secabo: A pneumatic press. As the contact pressure is always exactly the same, consistent, reproducible results are guaranteed. Added to this is the convenience that they close or open at the touch of a button, which is more ergonomic and energy-saving for the operator. Price range: €2,500-€4,000 (£2,200-£3,520). Target Transfers: An air-powered heat press is easier on the operator. It also gives the operator more control over the pressure of the application. Other features include a dual workspace, which allows you to prepare your next garment while fusing the first one. These often come with laser guidance for placement assistance too. Price range: £2,500-£8,000. Schulze: A pneumatic double or carousel press or electric double press with swing function (€6,000-€7,000, or £5,280-£6,160) plus possibly compressor costs and different base plate sizes. The TC5 Smart Membrane heat press comes with Bluetooth, allowing the use of the Secabo Smart Transfer App The pneumatic heat press from TheMagicTouch promises to reduce operator fatigue