ImagesMagUK_March_2023 MARCH 2023 images 47 PF EMBROIDERY From eco-friendly threads and backings to multi-head machines, we showcase the latest ‘must haves’ for commercial embroiderers In stitches Amaya UK: Melco EMT16X and Coloreel Instant Thread Colouring Unit The Melco EMT16X from Amaya UK is offered as both a single-head and multi-head embroidery machine. “If you’re looking for production efficiency, then check out the Melco modular system — it compares well with other competitive models on price, but offers many more benefits to you as an embroiderer,” says the distributor. “As well as the technical benefits, you can add on extra machines when production dictates, so you don’t have to make the decision about what size machine you start with, and then lose money when you part-exchange.” Amaya also now offers Coloreel’s Instant Thread Colouring Unit for thread-colouring on-demand. “Together with Melco, Coloreel will offer the ultimate in personalised production,” it states. “The product can be mounted on any modern singlehead or multihead embroidery machine. It’s easy to operate with a smart touchscreen panel, can be controlled remotely, and works on all standard thread speeds, matching normal production speeds.” Madeira UK: Sensa Green and Polyneon Green Embroidery Threads Madeira UK offers a portfolio of embroidery consumables for professional garment decorators, including a wide selection of threads, backings, toppings and accessories for all market sectors from workwear, schoolwear and athletics to fashion and promotional goods. “As the textile industry focuses on a more sustainable future, Madeira has reacted to consumer demands with the development of two new sustainable thread ranges: Sensa Green, made from biodegradable lyocell fibres, and Polyneon Green, a recycled polyester thread made from post-consumer plastic bottles,” explains the supplier. “To allow safer and more sustainable decisions, Madeira products are manufactured in accordance with strict European standards, all threads are Reachcompatible and certified in accordance with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.” Madeira UK also stocks a variety of professional tools and accessories from needles, oils and sprays to scissors, snips and magnetic frames, which are “all designed to help save time, increase efficiency, and achieve the best possible embroidery results”. Madeira UK offers embroiderers a selection of threads, backings, frames and more GS UK: Gunold Filmoplast Strong and KK Film The latest Gunold products available from GS UK include Filmoplast Strong, which is designed to complement its existing Filmoplast products. “As the name suggests, it’s a stronger version of the self-adhesive embroidery stabiliser, having a strength of 95gsm,” explains the supplier. “Filmoplast Strong is hooped in the frame and then a ‘window’ is scored out of the gridded release paper to reveal the adhesive stabiliser. The item to be embroidered is then pressed down onto this, and will be held in position whilst stitching occurs. “It offers significantly more hold during the embroidery process, and is specially designed for stretchy or heavier weight fabrics.” Also available is KK Film, a double-sided, self-adhesive film that fixes fabric to be appliquéd without ironing. Alongside a full range of stabilisers, the supplier also stocks the complete selection of Gunold embroidery threads. This includes the traditional Sulky Rayon and Polyester threads, as well as a number of specialist threads, including Metallics, Fire Retardant, Neon, Glow in the Dark, Reflective and even Invisible (transparent) threads. Filmoplast Strong offers a self-adhesive embroidery stabiliser with a strength of 95gsm [L-R] Together, the Melco EMT16X and Coloreel Instant Thread Colouring Unit offer “the ultimate in personalised production”