SCHOOLWEAR 36 images MARCH 2023 Academic apparel We’ve done our homework and lined up a class act of decorator-friendly options from the schoolwear sector’s leading brands The average cost of compulsory secondary school uniform and sportswear items in England in 2022 was £95.68 per pupil. [Source: Schoolwear Association] David Luke’s Eco-Uniform This eco-friendly uniform range is made with recycled polyester using post-consumer, recycled plastic bottles. The brand is introducing its circular blazers and jackets, in partnership with the Circular Textiles Foundation, with the launch of a fully-recyclable Blazer and Jacket this spring. Russell Europe’s Classic Polycotton Polo This style is available in 13 colours, including bright red, yellow, pure gold, sky, bottle green and burgundy. The polo shirt is made from a 210gsm fabric in white (215gsm in other shades), and has a name tag for private labelling. Chadwick Textiles’s iGen Games Kit This seven-piece sports range is available in 11 stock colour combinations. Made from soft, durable and quick-drying polyester fabrics, the kit includes a Unisex Polo, Unisex Short and Female Polo, plus a Team Skort, Legging, Midlayer and Tapered Pant. One+All’s Performa Eco Blazers Made using recycled plastic bottles, this threepocket blazer is offered in unisex and girls’ fits. There are four trim options for blazers: collar only, collar and lapel without the V, collar and lapel with the V, and the circumference, in flat-laid and bound trims. The Performa Eco Jacket is also available. Result Genuine Recycled’s Junior Recycled Microfleece Top Lightweight and quickdrying, this top is made from a 165gsm, 100% recycled polyester fabric using 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. It features decorative body stitching as well as a YKK Natulon ¼ zip, a hang loop, and a soft-bound elasticised hem and cuffs.