D E S I G N E D T O L A S T @Anthemclothing _ @AnthemclothingAM PENCARR I E : 0800 252248 PRES T IGE L E I SURE : 0800 6521234 RALAWI SE : 0800 212180 RALAWI SE I RE LAND: 1 800 599599 AM010 Anthem T-Shirt / Khaki / Eco Raw / Lavender CER T I F I ED ORGAN I C COTTON NEW SEASON COLOURS 02 images MARCH 2023 SHOP TALK 04 Editorial 08 Print Shop Pooches #88 Jack from Palmprint Consultants 12 Decorated product of the month 20 Readers’ choice 68 Up close & personal Phil Roberts of BTC Activewear NEWS HUB 06 Industry news Neutral adds collection made with cotton waste, Aeoon invites garment decorators on HQ ‘roadtrip’, and Hobkirk Sewing Machines celebrates 120 years KNOWLEDGE BASE 25 The Big Promotional Trade Show: Preview Nigel Bailey explains why Images readers will want to attend The Big Promotional Trade Shows in 2023 26 The Business Clinic What is the penalty for employing illegal workers, and does SEO matter for small businesses? 28 Digital helpdesk Tom Owers of Epson UK explains how digital print heads work and how to keep them in tip-top condition 30 Anatomy of a print Amy Baker describes how Threadbare Print House created a gorgeous Cascade Mycological Society print for an annual mushroom festival 44 From hobbyist to pro Thinking of taking the leap from crafter to earning your living from embroidery? Boost your confidence – and your chances of success – with Erich Campbell’s expert tips 56 Special branch HSBC UK has worked with Incorporatewear to develop new casual uniforms for branch staff, which reflect wider UK workwear trends 58 Roll with it Investigate the world of roll-to-roll dye sublimation printing with Emily Crane of Xpres 60 Ask Tony This month, Ben Johnson from Adlogo asks: “What game-changing technologies have you seen or heard about that will revolutionise how the screen print industry works? 62 Know your daily profitability Do you know your approximate daily profitability? For most shops, the answer is “no”. Marshall Atkinson shows you a relatively easy way to calculate this (and explains why it’s important) 64 Every minute counts! Schoolwear is a highly competitive market so it’s essential to make your embroidery as efficient as possible. Dominic Bunce of David Sharp explains how to keep schoolwear contracts economical PRODUCT FOCUS 36 Academic apparel We’ve done our homework and lined up a class act of decorator-friendly options from the schoolwear sector’s leading brands 45 Telling it like it is: embroidery machines Two companies reveal how their embroidery machines are working out for them 47 In stitches From eco-friendly threads and backings to multihead machines, we showcase the latest ‘must haves’ for commercial embroiderers 51 Work it out! Our round-up of workwear apparel is sure to offer your customers the comfort, style and practicality they need for their working day INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT 32 Monkey magic As Shirt Monkey celebrates its 10th birthday, Images catches up with founder Nic Simons to talk about workflow, European operations and how the company is continuing to expand at a dizzying rate CONTENTS 34 38 58 20 32 60 47 36

© 2023 – Beechfield Brands Ltd. All Rights Reserved. W285 Organic Natural Dyed Maxi Bag for Life inspired by WE S T F ORDM I L L . COM PRESTIGE LEISURE UK 0800 652 1234 | PENCARRIE 0800 252 248 RALAWISE 0800 212 180 | BTC ACTIVEWEAR 0800 012 4542 nature. 04 images MARCH 2023 Published by: 360 Communications Ltd images magazine, 360 Communications Ltd, 58a Livingstone Road, Hove, BN3 3WL, UK 01273 748482 | Advertising: Editorial: Subscriptions: | Images is free of charge to UK subscribers Publisher/advertising: Jonathan Vince | Features editor: Rachael Glazier | News editor: Mark Ludmon | Publishing assistant: Gaby Bowring | Design/Production: ATG Media | Printing: Stephens & George Ltd | Goat Mill Road,Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 3TD (issn 0966 7512) Opinions expressed by contributors in this magazine are not necessarily shared by the Publisher. Editorial contributions are invited, on the understanding that the Publisher has the right to alter or abridge all such material as he sees fit. While the greatest care has been taken to ensure accuracy, the Publisher accepts no liability for either errors or omissions. EDITORIAL As part of this month’s workwear focus, we spoke to high street bank HSBC and corporate clothing specialist Incorporatewear, who spent two years working together to develop a new range of uniforms for the bank’s branch staff. This was a large commission, involving bespoke designs; however, the results provide invaluable information and pointers for workwear suppliers of any size. For example, there’s the bank’s emphasis on sustainability: as well as using Better Cotton Initiative cotton, and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and ocean-recovered plastics, they use delivery notes and garment labels printed on paper that can be planted and grown into bee-friendly plants! The new garments are even delivered in tote bags made from unused suit jacket materials from the last collection. Then there is the way the uniforms meet the needs of HSBC’s diverse workforce: the range includes hijabs, garments for pregnant members of staff, menopausefriendly styles – including a tailored jumpsuit in highly breathable material – with ‘adaptive wear’ for wheelchair users in the pipeline. As HSBC’s Jackie Uhi comments: “The days of branch managers in suits could be consigned to the chequebook of history.” Speaking of work, what motivates you to get up in All in a day’s work the morning to print tote bags or embroider polo shirts? Perhaps it’s because you enjoy it. Or maybe it’s for the satisfaction of providing a great service and the feedback you receive from your happy customers. Unless you’re one of the fortunate few who don’t need to work, however, the main motivator for owning, managing or working at a garment and textile decoration business is to earn a living, provide for your family, repay the faith of investors and, perhaps, build something of lasting value. And for that to happen, you need to be making a profit. Yet do you know how much profit you are making on a daily basis? The chances are the answer is ‘no’. But never fear, Marshall Atkinson is here with a downloadable spreadsheet that will allow you to easily crunch the numbers and calculate how your business is performing on a day-to-day basis. Head to page 62 to learn more and download the file. Many decorators start out as hobbyists or crafters before realising that they are pretty good at what they do and deciding to put their skills to work by setting up as a commercial print or embroidery shop. Having the technical skills to print a killer tee or sew a stunning sweat is one thing; translating those skills to a business that will generate sufficient profit to maintain a good standard of living is quite another. Again, help is on hand as Erich Campbell shares some tips that will help anyone who is considering making the leap ‘From hobbyist to pro’ to do so successfully (page 44). If you’re looking for new opportunities for turning a profit, then Emily Crane of Xpres may have the answer. In this month’s step-by-step guide, Emily investigates the world of roll-to-roll dye sublimation printing on the Mimaki TS100-1600 digital printer (‘Roll with it’, page 58). With customers warming to the concept of onshoring in the face of current import challenges and high freight costs, there’s never been a better time to look at what a wide format dye sub printer could add to your business, and if you need any further encouragement, Hybrid, Mimaki’s UK distributor, is currently offering a time-limited price promotion on the TS100-1600. Jonathan Vince SUBSCRIBE Register now to receive your own monthly copy of Images: UPDATE CONTACT DETAILS Moved to new premises? WFH? Update your details online: MARCH 2023 VOL.32 NO.3 IMAGES DIGITAL STATS 1 January-31 January, 2023 Users: 23,726 Page views: 30,555 Top post: 909 views @ImagesMagUK Impressions: 7.4k Top tweet: 881 impressions Mentions: 246 @ImagesMagUK Reach: 5,254 Page visits: 342 @imagesmaguk Reach: 2,357 Profile visits: 320 Head to Marshall Atkinson’s column (page 62) to download an easyto-use spreadsheet that will help you to calculate the dayto-day profitability of your print or embroidery shop

S D 0 4 0 J A C K D E N I M S H I RT S D 0 4 5 LU C Y D E N I M S H I RT Fabric Content 100% Cotton | FabricWeight 5.44 oz all colours | Size S / M / L / XL / XXL Fabric Content 100% Cotton | FabricWeight 5.44 oz all colours | Size XS / S / M / L / XL DA R K B LU E L I G H T B LU E B L A C K denim staples SD001 SD014 @s oden imby awd i s

INDUSTRY NEWS 06 images MARCH 2023 Follow the links to the news stories online Direct Print & Promotions switches from screen print to DTF Garment decorator Direct Print & Promotions has “massively” improved turnaround time after investing in its first direct-to-film (DTF) machine. The Sheffield-based company has installed Resolute’s R-Jet Pro DTF V4 printer, which creates water-based heat seal film transfers. The decision to invest in DTF led to Direct Print selling its long-serving four-colour manual screen print press and reducing the amount of work the company puts through its vinyl cutter and digital printer. Direct Print director James Smith said: “It has massively improved our turnaround time. Even when producing simple single-colour prints, they can be rapidly run off and ready to heat press. The machine has also secured jobs within the company rather than outsourcing.” He added: “Obviously, our cost per print has now massively come down, but also we aren’t reliant on any third parties anymore, meaning we can get prints out almost immediately.” Neutral adds collection made with cotton waste Sustainable clothing manufacturer Neutral has unveiled its latest collection, which features garments made with cotton waste from its own production. The collection, called Recycled Cotton, is described as high-quality basic wear, comprising 60% cotton waste from production and 40% recycled polyester made of plastic waste collected in India. It features T-shirts, polo shirts and twill bags. They carry Oeko-Tex certification, meaning they were made with no harmful chemicals, and are made solely on renewable energy like other Neutral garments. The fabric, manufactured by Neutral in India, is made by separating the cotton offcuts by colour at the production tables. It is then shredded into crude fibre which is mixed with the recycled polyester and re-spun into new yarn. Workwear specialist achieves quality standard milestone The team at North Yorkshire workwear specialist CTS UK are celebrating after gaining the ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management. Managing director Howard Gill said that achieving BS EN ISO 9001:2015 was “a huge milestone for us and a ringing endorsement of what we have achieved in our two years of trading”. Howard continued: “This accreditation is one of the most widely used management systems globally and it reflects our effective processes and procedures, a critical tool for maintaining partnerships, profitability and increasing market potential. “It is also a massive tribute to our hard-working team for their dedication in following processes and procedures to ensure our customers receive a top-level service.” Resolute’s R-Jet Pro DTF V4 printer at Direct Print & Promotions in Sheffield Neutral’s new Recycled Cotton T-shirt in navy mélange CTS UK managing director Howard Gill

100% cotton face for a Superior print every time! exclusively at: HOODIE VAN233

INDUSTRY NEWS 08 images MARCH 2023 PRINT SHOP POOCHES # 88 Jack Whether it’s pedigree pups or mangy mutts, decorators’ dogs are valued members of staff at embroidery and print shops from Barking to Furness. This month we have Jack from Palmprint Consultants in Wakefield Full name: Jack Palmer Breed: English springer spaniel Age: 11 years old Time at company: one of the founding directors Job titles: chief morale director, goods-in inspection officer, senior squirrel defence operator, sock stealer Job description: Main duties include opening all cardboard and paper deliveries to ensure that no fluffy toys have been delivered without express permission. This job involves extended periods of snoozing while on squirrel duty and a high dedication to sleeping with one eye open is important. Special skills: Ability to find water and jump into it whenever possible; this skill is upgraded with the addition of mud, but downgraded with the addition of soap. Favourite colour: Pantony PMSL 9123456 C Dusky-MardyAromatic-Wetdog-Brown. Jack is liver and white in colour and this is his favourite because it looks and smells like him! Follow us on Twitter @imagesmaguk Roland adds desktop DTF printer to VersaStudio range Roland DG Corporation has unveiled a new direct-to-film (DTF) desktop printer aimed at small and mediumsized garment decorators. Part of Roland’s VersaStudio series, the new BN-20D DTF is positioned as an “affordable” inkjet printer of film for transferring CMYK colours plus white onto fabric for vibrant graphics with fine details, photographic reproduction and high-quality contrast. It has been launched globally, but no details have yet been announced about availability in the UK or the rest of Europe. New positioning for Gildan, American Apparel and Comfort Colors Garment manufacturer Gildan Activewear has unveiled new positioning and marketing campaigns for its Gildan, American Apparel and Comfort Colors brands. The campaigns, aimed at “reinvigorating” and “modernising” the blank apparel ranges while “paying homage to their strong heritage”, were revealed at the Impressions Expo in Long Beach, California, in January. The new Just Smart campaign positions the Gildan brand as the “most logical, no-brainer” choice for garment decorators, “paying tribute to its identity as the brand of choice for best value and dependable quality”. Jack with his Palmprint co-founder, Tony Palmer (Tony may be wearing the glasses, but Jack is the real brains behind the operation) Roland's newVersaStudio BN-20D DTF printer Just Smart: Gildan Softstyle Double Piqué Polo Shirts

THE INTERLOCK It does not get much better than our Interlock Tee. Simple as that. Crafted from 40 singles ringspun long fiber organic cotton, this T-shirt is both extremely comfortable but also strong and resilient. The fabric has been enzyme washed and silicone treated for maximum smoothness and flexibility. The Interlock Tee is made from 100% organic cotton. 530 Long Sleeve Interlock Tee T520 Interlock Tee www. t e e j a y s . com 520 Interlock Te 580 Women’s Interlock Tee Available from:

INDUSTRY NEWS 10 images MARCH 2023 Read our full-length Decorator Reports online: Aeoon invites garment decorators on ‘roadtrip’ to its HQ Print equipment manufacturer Aeoon Technologies is offering to take garment decorators on a “roadtrip” to its headquarters in Austria while visiting Fespa Global Print Expo in Munich. It is offering to take the owners and staff of garment decoration businesses on a day-long visit to its 700 sqm innovation centre, with a chance to test their own garments and designs on Aeoon’s machines. Aeoon’s Roadtrip 2023 ties in with Fespa Global Print Expo from 23 to 26 May in Munich, which is about 100 kilometres from the company’s headquarters in Kramsach in the Tyrol region of Austria. The manufacturer is also extending the invitation to visitors to the textile and garment technology exhibition ITMA in Milan from 8 to 14 June. Aeoon stepped up its presence in the UK market last year by appointing print equipment and supplies specialist Xpres as distributor of its direct-to-garment (DTG) printers and pretreatment units. Visit to register for Aeoon’s Roadtrip 2023. Kwik Signs This bold logo was embroidered onto workwear for Gadsby Farming by Kwik Signs in Spalding, Lincolnshire. DECORATOR REPORT MyWorkwear renews support for dementia charity MyWorkwear has announced a new fundraising challenge, the RADical Rogues Rally, after renewing its pledge to help fight dementia by supporting the charity Race Against Dementia. The new RADical Rogues Rally in May will see super, sports and classic cars tour four different routes in Wales: the Dragons Spine, Snowdon to Anglesey, Anglesey itself and the Brecon Beacons to South West Coast route – adding up to more than 500 miles. It was chosen as the Telford-based company’s nominated charity for the second year running as it is close to everyone’s heart after founder Mike Worthington passed away from dementia with Lewy Bodies in 2021. Managing director James Worthington said: “After losing my father to dementia, I was moved to support the fight against this terrible disease and I am determined to raise as much money as possible for Race Against Dementia.” MyWorkwear managing director James Worthington is raising money for Race Against Dementia Aeoon’s innovation centre at its headquarters in Austria Official coronation emblem released for merchandise The official emblem has been released for celebrating King Charles III’s coronation in May for uses including branded clothing and other merchandise. The logo can be used free of charge without getting the normal approvals but it must comply with guidelines that have been published by the Lord Chamberlain’s Office along with the artwork at The emblem pays tribute to the king’s love of the natural world, unifying the flora of the UK’s four nations: the rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the daffodil of Wales and the shamrock of Northern Ireland. Together, the flowers create the shape of St Edward’s Crown, which the king will be crowned with during the coronation service at Westminster Abbey on 6 May. /coronationemblem A red-and-blue version of the official coronation emblem

© 2023 – Beechfield Brands Ltd. All Rights Reserved. q d 6 5 0 H e r i t a g e W a x e d C a n v a s H o l d a l l q u a d r a b a g s . C O M THE HERITAGE COLLECTION PRESTIGE LEISURE UK 0800 652 1234 | PENCARRIE 0800 252 248 RALAWISE 0800 212 180 | BTC ACTIVEWEAR 0800 012 4542

INDUSTRY NEWS 12 images MARCH 2023 Follow us on Facebook: @imagesmaguk This fantastic logo was embroidered onto workwear by Printing Crazy in Hamble for Celestial Drones, an immersive drone display company that created the amazing live drone display at London’s 2022 New Year’s Eve celebrations. The team converted the colourful logo to an embroidery format using NetDigitizing, explained Kate Douglass, managing director of Printing Crazy. “The left breast logo was 8cm wide, and the right sleeve logo was 6cm. For the hats, we embroidered the logo tone-on-tone, which looked fantastic when worn with the jackets!” In total, Printing Crazy embroidered 33 black Women’s and Men’s Corsica Jackets 2.0 from Musto, along with 20 of Beechfield’s Active Performance Beanies in black from Ralawise. The company used Barudan 15-colour, six-head embroidery machines and Madeira Classic 40 threads. “Celestial Drones were super happy with their kit,” adds Kate. DECORATED PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Printing Crazy embroidered the Celestial Drones logo on Musto jackets and Beechfield beanies Regatta unveils fashionable workwear to support charity National construction charity Band of Builders has unveiled additions to its collection of branded workwear and fashion clothing developed by Regatta Professional. After the first phase of Band of Builders workwear was launched last summer, the second phase introduces fashion workwear lines designed so they can be worn both on site and as casualwear. The screen printed garments raise funds for Band of Builders, which helps tradespeople in times of need such as when battling illness or injury. Regatta Professional will be making a donation based on all items sold. The theme of the new collection heroes the distinctive Band of Builders branding. It features T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, shorts, builders’ trousers, holster trousers, body warmers, softshell jackets, waterproof jackets and insulated jackets. The colour scheme focuses on black, dark khaki and ash. The collection can be ordered at www.regatta. com/collections/bandof-builders, and Regatta Professional is working with its network of stockists to promote the range. Band of Builders’ latest collection by Regatta Professional Award for Teesside embroidery and print firm Elizabeths Elizabeths Embroidery and Print on Teesside is celebrating winning an award after expanding into a second site with retail space. Managing director Lisa Halligan and shop manager Allison Hamilton-Wicks collected the trophy for scoring 100% in the mystery shopping programme at Wellington Square shopping centre in Stockton-on-Tees. It was presented at the Wellington Square Retailer Awards ceremony in February, which was attended by more than 100 guests at ARC Stockton Arts Centre. Lisa and Allison of Elizabeths at the Wellington Square Retailer Awards

20 APR GLASGOW Doubletree by Hilton Strathclyde 23 MAY NEWCASTLE Delta by Marriott Newcastle Gateshead 25 MAY 13 JUN NEWPORT ICC Wales 15 JUN 11 JUL LEICESTER Marriott Leicester 19 SEP NORWICH Sprowston Manor Hotel & Spa 21 SEP HAYDOCK Haydock Racecourse 17 OCT 19 OCT WATFORD Hilton Watford 07 NOV 09 NOV PLYMOUTH Boringdon Park Golf Club THE UK’S PREMIER Print & Embroidery ROADSHOW BARNSLEY Holiday Inn Barnsley SOUTHAMPTON Hilton at Ageas Bowl MORE SHOWS | MORE EXHIBITORS | BIGGER VENUES CROYDON Hilton Croydon BRISTOL Village Hotel Bristol Print & Stitch roadshows are organised by Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd. For more information, visit or contact Stocks on 0113 242 9378 | Register free to attend your local show Open 9am - 4pm Free parking & refreshments

INDUSTRY NEWS 16 images MARCH 2023 Industry fights Scottish plan for promotional clothing alcohol ban The Scottish government is considering a ban of branded clothing and other merchandise featuring images or messages about alcohol. It is carrying out consultation on its full review of advertising and promotion of alcohol in Scotland, including a specific proposal to ban the use of alcohol brands on promotional clothing as well as in sports and music festival sponsorships. In its consultation document, the Scottish government states: “One way we could seek to reduce the visibility of alcohol brands would be to prohibit the sale or distribution of alcohol-branded merchandise including T-shirts, jackets and baseball caps as well as branded glasses and mugs. “These increase brand visibility and have more permanence than alcohol adverts on TV or on billboards. They are often re-used over time within our homes or, in the case of clothing, can become walking billboards in themselves.” The UK’s marketing and advertising industry is contributing to the consultation, which concludes on 9 March, including submissions from the Advertising Association, which has set up a working group that includes the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA). YKK creates user-repairable zip with Artilect Japanese fastening solutions company YKK has developed what is described as “the world’s first userrepairable zipper” in collaboration with performance clothing supplier Artilect. The zip slider can be twisted off and replaced by the user while outdoors or in a shop without needing to ship the garment back for repairs, which costs time and money. The rail groove prevents the slider from unintentionally coming off during normal operation. To remove the slider from the top stop, you move it in a zig-zag pattern. The new Vislon Revived zip has been introduced on Artilect’s Formation 3L Shell and High AF down jacket and will eventually be rolled out to its full product line in future seasons. View daily news updates at: YKK’s Revived zipper on Artilect’s High AF Down Parka Chameleon Design & Print This vibrant logo was printed onto uniform and merch by Chameleon Design and Print in Nottingham for the Enchanted School of Dance. DECORATOR REPORT Official Guinness apparel from the Guinness Webstore EFI spins off CadLink owner Fiery into standalone business Fiery, the specialist in digital print technology including CadLink software, has been spun off into a separate business from Electronics For Imaging (EFI). The overall group, Siris Capital Group, has split Fiery and EFI, which provides digital print production equipment, into two separate business units. In its statement, Siris stated they would each have “distinct areas of strategic focus that will enable them to serve their customers better and grow over the long term, with EFI as an industrial inkjet leader and Fiery as the leading digital front end (DFE) provider”. While part of US-based EFI, Fiery acquired direct-to-garment and directto-film print technology specialist CadLink Technology Corporation in the summer last year. Toby Weiss, long-time chief operating officer and general manager of Fiery, will continue to lead the business as its CEO, while Frank Pennisi has been appointed as CEO of EFI. Toby Weiss, CEO of CadLink owner Fiery

SIMPLE. QUICK. FAST. EASY. use SNUGGLE THE EASIEST PRINT FULFILMENT SERVICE AVAILABLE 0333 456 3333 18 images MARCH 2023 INDUSTRY NEWS Stay in the picture with our Instagram feed: @imagesmaguk Screen Print World (SPW) has appointed Jamie Wright as its screen and ink specialist to look after its new screenstretching department and Pantonemixing department. He brings 10 years’ experience after working previously as a colour matcher and lab ink technician at Birmingham-based print supplies company ScreenPro, and as colour matcher at solvent ink manufacturer Acorn Screen Products in Loughborough. Jamie said: “My focus will be running the brand-new screenstretching department where there has been an increase in demand for re-meshed screens. We can turn old, used screens into perfectquality, re-meshed screens in a variety of meshes and tensions, providing quick turnarounds and brilliant quality to our many wonderful customers.” CHANGING FACES Jamie Wright Jack Wolfskin adds odour-neutralising technology Outdoor clothing brand Jack Wolfskin is incorporating odour-neutralising formulation in its garments through a partnership with Microban International. Microban’s Scentry Revive odourneutralising technology seamlessly integrates into fabrics during manufacture to prevent odours from building up between washes, keeping garments fresh for longer. The non-biocidal technology has earned an Oeko-Tex certification confirming it uses no harmful chemicals and it is approved by Bluesign, which certifies it is suitable for sustainable textile production. Regina Goller, director of fabric and trim management apparel at Jack Wolfskin, said: “The team at Jack Wolfskin takes pride in applying revolutionary technologies to our product range. We wanted to produce odour-resistant garments that required less washing, to benefit both our customers and the environment, and Scentry Revive has made that goal attainable.” Jack Wolfskin specialises in premiumquality outdoor apparel, equipment and footwear and supplies clothing to garment decorators in the UK through distributor Ralawise. Jack Wolfskin is integrating Scentry Revive odourneutralising technology into its garments BPMA targets sustainability with new ‘pledge’ Distributors of promotional clothing and other brandable products are set to declare their commitment to sustainability through a new initiative by the BPMA. The BPMA, the British Promotional Merchandise Association, has launched the StepForward Pledge to help its members take proactive steps to embed sustainability within their products and their operations and in the communities they serve. By signing up to the pledge, members will declare their commitment to tracking and measuring their sustainability performance each year. In turn, this is intended to help enhance the reputation of participating companies, together with raising the profile of the promotional merchandise industry as it addresses climate change and other environmental challenges. The BPMA presented the new initiative to members at January’s Merchandise World show in Coventry. It will also run a series of webinars over the coming months so that members can find out more about what is involved in signing up. The BPMA team launched the StepForward Pledge at Merchandise World Cyclone Sign and Print This smart logo was DTF-printed onto hi-vis vests by Cyclone Sign and Print in Shropshire for Shropshire Green Energy Centre. DECORATOR REPORT

K U S T O M K I T® BUY LESS BUY BETTER BUY KUSTOM KIT KK351 Men’s Workwear Oxford Shirt THE WORKWEAR OXFORD A comfortable yet hard wearing cotton rich Oxford Shirt. This versatile option has easy iron properties and can be washed at 50°c. BTC Activewear: 0800 0124 542 · PenCarrie: 0800 252 248 · Prestige Leisure UK: 0800 652 1234 · Ralawise:

INDUSTRY NEWS 20 images MARCH 2023 Want to know what your industry colleagues really think of the garments and accessories they decorate? Each issue, one reader tells us why they rate a particular product Tom Whitehead, manager at Visible Art in Cardiff, says his favourite product to decorate is the EarthPositive Men’s/Unisex Heavy Jersey T-Shirt (EP18) from Continental Clothing. This tee suits clients, from small independent businesses to skate or biking brands, who want a good quality, organic shirt that’s not too pricey, says Tom. The EP18 is made from 100% organic combed cotton and two companion styles also available: a long-sleeve version (EP18L) and an oversized style (EP19). “It’s the ’Goldilocks’ shirt — not too loose, not too tight!” Tom points out. “It’s a perfect fit, great weight, and prints well with both directto-garment and screen printing.” READERS’ CHOICE The EP18 prints well with both DTG and screen printing, says Tom Find our digital editions online: Oeko-Tex to add Organic Cotton certification A new organic cotton certification is set to be rolled out by chemical management specialist OekoTex after it was successfully tested through two pilots. Oeko-Tex’s new Organic Cotton label is due to be launched in April, tracking cotton throughout the production process and specifically seeking to tackle genetically modified cotton in the supply chain. Indian textile supplier Milan Group and Turkish cotton producer Akasya have both achieved the new certification in two pilots carried out by German testing service provider Hohenstein. Oeko-Tex Organic Cotton guarantees that the cotton contains less than 10% genetically modified (GM) material as well as confirming it complies with pesticide limits and that it has an organic origin. It is being introduced as an add-on for the established Oeko-Tex Standard 100 already achieved by UK businesses. Manufacturers and suppliers whose products have been certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 can have their certificates extended to include the Organic Cotton certificate if they meet the criteria. Hobkirk Sewing Machines celebrates 120 years Hobkirk Sewing Machines has embarked on a year of celebrations, marking 120 years since it began trading from a shop in Blackburn in Lancashire. It has created special artwork to highlight the landmark anniversary that has been put up around its current Blackburn premises in Darwen Street and will be seen in its communications throughout 2023. As part of a 16-strong team, managing director Mark Hobkirk, who is the fourth generation at the helm, runs the business with wife Kathy Hobkirk, who is company secretary, and co-director Marcus Gannon. Talking about the longevity of Hobkirk Sewing Machines, Mark said: “We have always had a core belief in being as professional as we can, understanding and looking after customers and being an expert in our field. “We have invested in having youth on our team, helping us to stay at the forefront of technology.” Mark Hobkirk The new Organic Cotton label from Oeko-Tex is set to be launched in April. Photo: Jim Black/Pixabay

INDUSTRY NEWS 22 images MARCH 2023 Snickers Workwear adds new stretch trousers Snickers Workwear has introduced new stretch trousers made from Sorona performance fabric that comes from a recyclable, bio-based fibre. Available for men and women, the new slim-fit trousers are rated Class 1 and Class 2 according to the EN ISO 20471 certification for reflective and hi-vis safety clothing. They come with Snickers Workwear’s patented KneeGuard system, which allows kneepads to be adjusted at different heights for the best positioning, and reinforcement in the knees and pockets using durable Cordura fabric. Sorona delivers both environmental benefits and long-lasting performance. It is a recyclable, bio-based fibre promising high levels of softness and stretchability for comfort as well as durability to help extend the lifetime of a garment. It is also quick-drying, breathable and soft to the touch for high performance that will last wash after wash, retaining shape, comfort and protection levels throughout the life of the garments. Suppliers for garment print in sustainable top global 100 Suppliers to the garment decoration sector have been included in a list of the top 100 most sustainable corporations in the world. Gildan Activewear is the only clothing supplier in Corporate Knights’ annual Global 100 of major corporates, rising up the ranks to 60th place from 79th in 2022. Print equipment specialist Ricoh made it on to the list for the 11th time, in 80th place. The annual top 100 list, which was announced the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos in Switzerland in January, is based on key indicators such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, percentage of sustainable revenue, percentage of sustainable investment, climaterelated lobbying activities and sustainability-linked pay. The percentage of revenue from sustainable activities at Gildan was 39% while Ricoh’s was 21%. Check out our Instagram Stories for the latest industry news @imagesmaguk New stretch trousers with Sorona fabric from Snickers Workwear The cover of the 2023 Global 100 report Coloreel further expands UK distribution network Coloreel, which provides ondemand thread colouring technology, has expanded its distribution network in the UK with the appointment of Stocks. Stocks, which supplies industrial sewing equipment and commercial and industrial embroidery machinery, has become a UK distributor alongside AJS Embroidery Services and Amaya Sales UK. Coloreel also confirmed the appointment of a sales director to cover the UK and Ireland, Stephen McKenzie, who joins from a background in sales and sourcing. He has held leadership positions at retail groups such as Bestseller (Jack Jones and Vera Moda), Bench and Penn Sports (Wilson). Andrew Stocks, director of Stocks, said: “Coloreel and its unlimited colour embroidery technology provide our customers with new opportunities to grow their business like never before. “Our largest customer already has Coloreel units installed, and we have received enquiries from big-name brands eager to feature products embroidered with Coloreel technology on the high street.” Shirtysomething This eye-catching bag was screen printed by Shirtysomething in Nottingham for Rubery Honey. DECORATOR REPORT MARCH 2023 images 23 INDUSTRY NEWS NH Pigment Inc launches new desktop DTF printer Digital printer manufacturer Pigment Inc has extended its range of machines for garment printing with a new desktop direct-tofilm (DTF) printer. The Merch Factory DTF QO-T printer has been introduced through Pigment Inc’s DTG Digital brand after the launch of the Q1-T Series DTF transfer printing system and Q1 Hybrid DTG and DTF printer. The latest new system features a complete DTF production kit consisting of the QO-T printer, powder applicator, cure oven and Kodak DTF film, powder adhesive and Oeko-Tex-approved DTF inks. The QO-T is a desktop-format high-volume commercial DTF printer capable of printing full 40cm by 50cm DTF transfer sheets in under three minutes, and has a built-in vacuum platen to secure the DTF film sheets in place during the print cycle. It has dual print heads for highspeed throughput and the printing hardware has the same industrialgrade features as the company’s successful Q Hybrid Series DTG/DTF Hybrid models. Alsico will help provide a new standardised approach to clinical uniforms across England No Sweat works with the BGIWF, a union federation that gives garment workers a voice. Our organic T-shirts are made in factories that have strong trade unions. ETHICAL FASHION MEANS NOTHING WITHOUT TRADE UNIONS 100% organic union-made THERE'S POWER IN A UNION. Pigment Inc’s new Merch Factory QO-T DTF printer Alsico wins contract for new NHS uniforms The UK arm of European workwear manufacturer Alsico has won a contract to help bring in a new standardised uniform for NHS staff. It has been awarded preferred bidder status onto the National Healthcare Uniform Framework. The eight-figure contract will see Alsico responsible for providing a new standardised approach to clinical uniforms across England. The new partnership has been awarded after a two-year consultative tender process that saw uniform providers across the globe competing for the five-year contract. Alsico successfully secured the “vast majority share” of the nationwide contract. As a result, in partnership and collaboration with NHS Supply Chain, it will lead the roll-out of the new framework for a standardised national healthcare uniform for all NHS clinical staff in England.

INDUSTRY NEWS 24 images MARCH 2023 Next Level Apparel partners GK to ‘nearshore’ fabric US-based blank garment supplier Next Level Apparel has formed a new strategic partnership with textile company GK Global to bring fabric production closer to its home. GK’s textile operations have been established in Central America and Mexico for more than 30 years. It was one of the first foreign textile investors in Honduras and now has vertically integrated production throughout the textile supply chain including sustainable fibres, yarns, fabrics and garment manufacturing. The strategic partnership is part of Next Level Apparel’s efforts to source “nearshore” fabric in line with its commitments to sustainable, legally compliant and ethical operations worldwide. The link-up will provide Next Level Apparel with shorter lead times and reduced exposure to geopolitical risks, and put it on course for 100% US-grown cotton for its entire apparel line. Next Level Apparel, based in Los Angeles and a major supplier of blank garments in North America, has recently expanded further into the UK and the rest of Europe through its acquisition of garment supplier Stedman. New venture to develop workwear polyester recycling A new venture, Stuff4Life Workwear, has been set up to develop a recycling process for polyester to reduce the amount of workwear going to landfill. It has been created by Hull-based safetywear and equipment specialist Arco jointly with Stuff4Life, a start-up that is developing its own patentpending chemical recycling process towards full-scale commercialisation. Based on Teesside, Stuff4Life Workwear aims to create a circular supply chain for polyester, reducing the amount of unwanted workwear going to landfill as well as reducing carbon emissions related to raw materials used in their production. Stuff4Life Workwear’s solution works by recovering the base polyester components from recycled polyesterbased garments, including complex workwear and PPE. The recovered components can be used in place of virgin raw materials in the manufacture of new polyester, which reduces the impact of manufacture, a key element in the transition to a circular economy. The joint venture builds on a relationship with Teesside University and its Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre as well as the Centre for Process Innovation at Wilton, part of the UK Government’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult. Stuff4Life seeks to recycle polyester workwear Santa Cruz hoodies from Next Level Apparel’s 2023 collection Adelco’s new InkPro600 computer-to-screen system Check out our videos on Vimeo: @imagesmaguk Adelco adds new InkPro600 inkjet CTS system Adelco has introduced a new highspeed, high-resolution industrial computer-to-screen (CTS) solution, InkPro600. Based on inkjet printing technology, the InkPro600 promises “a higher resolution than any other inkjet system on the market… with superior image integrity”. It has the ability to print computerto-screen images “with richer details and smoother halftone transitions which are superior to traditional film positives”. The CTS system directly generates and exposes opaque images on emulsion – coated screens with UV-blocking ink so that users can reduce the time and effort required for screen preparation. The screens produced by the InkPro600 are compatible with existing standalone exposure equipment, making it easy to integrate into current screen printing production lines. The specially formulated UV-blocking ink works well on all emulsions on the market. The adjustable frame fixture provides fast set-up for screen frames up to 635mm by 914.4mm. It provides resolution of 1,440 dpi by 1,200 dpi, and comes with professional ColorPrint server RIP software. MARCH 2023 images 25 INDUSTRY EVENT With the launch this year of The Big Wearables Trade Show, event director Nigel Bailey explains why Images readers will want to attend one of the The Big Promotional Trade Shows in 2023 The Big Promotional Trade Show: Preview Can you sum up The Big Promotional Trade Show for anyone who hasn’t been before? 2023 finds The Big Promotional Trade Show event in its sixth year and going from strength to strength as the preeminent regional exhibition series in the promotional merchandise and wearables industry. For 2023 we have launched and co-located a new show entitled ‘The Big Wearables Trade Show’ with our shows to reflect the growing importance of this huge market sector. There are four ‘Big Shows’ in the midseason, which enable you to catch up with distributors at locations across the country. We then have two ‘Big New Products Trade Shows’, which give exhibitors the opportunity to display all the new products and ranges that are released for the vital Q4 selling season. What is the show’s USP? We have a huge spectrum of products and suppliers right across the promo and printwear sector. Our shows are all located in high-traffic, easyaccess locations with free parking and refreshments. With 60+ exhibitors it’s possible to get round in a few hours and also for visitors and exhibitors to spend more time together and have detailed conversations. What can our readers expect? This year we have more than 60 exhibitors on board; new exhibitors for 2023 include Fruit of the Loom, Russell Europe, Regatta, Result Professional, NJ Garments, Headwear UK, Neutral and Fusible Systems. New promotional merchandise suppliers exhibiting include Impression Europe and Oldeani. There’ll be equipment and software demos at the shows, and visitors will be able to collect hundreds of free samples, new catalogues and, of course, ideas! It’s always about “what’s new” at these shows. Face-to-face has always and will always be the pre-eminent way to do business and we have seen that in the fantastic response to our shows post-Covid. Apparel is of great importance and the key trend here is, as in all promo sectors, towards green and eco products. GLASGOW 8 MARCH Crowne Plaza DUBLIN 22 MARCH Crowne Plaza DUBLIN MANCHESTER 18 APRIL MUFC Old Trafford HEATHROW 27 APRIL Marriott MANCHESTER 27 SEPTEMBER Emirates Old Trafford LONDON 21 SEPTEMBER Radisson Hotel INTERESTED IN EXHIBITING? For further information please contact us at any time: E T 0333 77 22 312 Int +44 (0) 333 77 22 312 SPONSORED BY SUPPORTED BY BIGSHOWS VENUES IDEAS The world is open for business again so make sure you are up to date and fully equipped to make the most of 2023. Nothing compares to real life and live events, so we are delighted to announceThe BIG shows are back! Now incorporating and co-locatingThe BIG Wearables Trade Showas well. Register now and get engaged! The BIG Promotional Trade Shows arethepromotional merchandise and wearables events to get to this year. • More than 60 key suppliers & brands • Free to attend • See all the latest products • Convenient locations • Collect samples, catalogues & ideas • Free parking • Refreshments provided throughout the day REGISTER NOW The BIG Promotional Trade Show exhibitions are closed trade events. Only bona fide distributors and resellers of business gifts, promotional merchandise and printwear may attend. Suppliers, manufacturers and their affiliates and all service providers must exhibit to be able to attend. PromotionalMerchandiseWearablesBusinessGiftsPrintwearEco-ProductsHeadwearSoftware ...andmore! Nothing beats the power of meeting face to face! s new product Nigel Bailey

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 26 images MARCH 2023 What is the penalty for employing illegal workers? Verifying that prospective employees have the required permission to work in the UK can be difficult – how to conduct Home Office-compliant checks is addressed at www. But if those checks aren’t completed correctly, employers can potentially face civil penalties or even criminal sanctions. With employment practices in the garment industry coming under increasing scrutiny of late, it is particularly important to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation in this area. Potential civil penalties Since February 2008, a civil penalty scheme has been in place for those who employ illegal workers without having a statutory excuse, with a £20,000 penalty for each illegal worker. Extenuating factors such as it being a “first offence”, or complying with any Home Office investigation, can reduce this figure. In addition to the financial penalty, organisations that hold a sponsor licence to employ migrant workers could see that licence placed on “special measures”, or even lost. If an employer is hit with a civil penalty, it would be advisable to seek legal advice, especially if they wish to challenge the penalty notice. If an employer can demonstrate a statutory excuse for having employed the relevant worker, or the penalty is too high for an organisation to pay, they may object to the civil penalty. Thousands of pounds could be saved by a substantive objection supported by evidence, and if the Home Office doesn’t accept the objection, the organisation can then appeal to the County Court. Possible criminal sanctions Another, much less common, consequence for those employing illegal workers is a criminal sanction for employing a “disqualified person”. Any responsible person in a corporate body or partnership can be charged with this, as well as sole traders. A conviction for this offence requires showing the employer either knew or had reasonable cause to believe that their employee was working illegally. If convicted in the Crown Court, the consequences for the employer could be up to five years in prison, an unlimited fine and a confiscation order. In the Magistrates Court, the maximum sentence is six months in prison and a fine of up to £5,000. Who is responsible for right-to-work checks? Generally, the answer to this is straightforward: if an employer directly takes on a worker and this is under a contract, whether the contract is written, oral or implied, that employer then bears the responsibility of ensuring no illegal working. Some employers choose to use an external identification document service provider (IDSP); these providers use identification document validation technology (IDVT) to verify the rights of British and Irish citizens. In cases where an IDSP is used, their positive check will furnish an employer with a statutory excuse under the civil penalty scheme. When a self-employed individual works with a business under a contract for services, the question is harder to answer. In such a case, the business could be held liable if work permission is not checked as part of the onboarding process. This view is supported by the Immigration Rules, which defines “employment” broadly as: “[P]aid and unpaid employment, paid and unpaid work placements undertaken as part of a course or period of study, self-employment and engaging in business or any professional activity.” The reputations of businesses in the garment and textile sector reputation could also be damaged if they were revealed to be using self-employed contractors without the correct immigration status. Where an employer uses external contractors provided by a third party such as an agency, they are not legally liable. Nevertheless, Home Office guidance recommends confirming with any contractors that compliant right-to-work checks are conducted, as best practice. This then ensures the supplying agency or organisation is the liable party. To summarise, this area of law is complex, and businesses in the garment and textile industry would be advised to plan well in advance, implement robust procedures, and take their responsibilities seriously. Whilst immigration checks are often an afterthought for businesses, this is an approach that can prove costly in the long term. Expert advice on the business of running a garment decoration company Q&A Gary McIndoe is managing partner at Latitude Law, a firm of expert UK immigration solicitors who help businesses to manage their global relocations and individuals to reach their goal of living and working within the UK.